Katt Williams Under Doctor's Care After Weeks Of Erratic Behavior

Comic had a run-in with police on Friday following incident at South Carolina hotel.

After a series of missed gigs, an arrest on a gun charge and weeks of troubling rumors about bizarre behavior, a spokesperson for comedian Katt Williams announced on Sunday that the "Norbit" co-star has sought a doctor's help.

"Following an arduous 300 shows and an 18-month touring schedule that left him incredibly fatigued, Katt, a veteran of MTV's 'Wild 'N Out,' felt compelled to be with his family in an effort to deal with his stress," read a statement from Yvette Shearer. "While doing so, he is under a doctor's care."

According to the South Carolina paper the Sumter Item, the hospitalization came after family members concerned about Williams' behavior confronted the comedian following a run-in with police in Sumter on Friday. The paper reported that Sumter police received a call Friday morning about suspicious behavior by Williams, 35, who was attempting to book a room at the Mount Vernon Inn.

An officer told the paper that around 8:30 a.m., police received a call from hotel employees, who said they became suspicious when Williams tried to rent a hotel room while dressed in a bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around his head. Police responded to the scene, spoke to Williams, determined there was no criminal activity and left.

Local station WIS-TV has posted a video of a confused-looking Williams trying to check into the hotel, searching his pockets for ID and squatting by the door after the clerk informs him that his traveling companion will have to take responsibility for the room.

The newspaper reported that Williams then walked several blocks to the office of local attorney Garryl Deas and told the lawyer that the police were "attempting to violate his rights" and that he was interested in hiring Deas to represent him. Deas said he had a pleasant conversation with Williams, who described his entertainment career to the lawyer, mentioning that some people thought he was missing recently due to a series of skipped gigs, including a no-show at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, a missed "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" appearance and an arrest on November 6 on gun charges. Williams was also recently the subject of a rumor that he had died in a plane crash.

Deas reportedly told Williams he had to leave for court and invited the comedian to hang out in the meantime, which Williams did. When Deas returned an hour later, he said Williams' demeanor had gone from "alive and in color" to "a little bit troubled" and "disoriented." Shortly after, family and friends arrived to try to persuade Williams to go to a hospital for a mental evaluation, according to the paper. Shearer would not comment on Williams' condition beyond the statement.

Deas said a confused Williams resisted their pleas, said he "doesn't trust anyone anymore" and that "everyone has turned against him," and began speaking "in gibberish." It's unclear from the story if Williams was committed against his will and what his current status is, though it appeared that he was transported to the Tuomey Regional Medical Center on Friday.

Williams has announced plans to retire after a New Year's Eve show in Detroit. He is also scheduled to appear at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on November 20, though it is unclear if that gig will go off as planned.