Paramore Drawing Inspiration From 'Intense Struggles' On Upcoming Album

'We're taking time for ourselves,' frontwoman Hayley Williams says of the band's relaxed schedule.

Since we last spoke to about their new album — you know, before they stormed the stage at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards — they made a point of saying that things were still "in the very early stages."

Fast-forward to last week, when we caught up with them again, this time backstage at the mtvU Woodie Awards. During our chat, frontwoman Hayley Williams spoke about her favorite "Twilight" character and got us up to speed on just where that new album stood.

And, from the sound of things, not much has changed since early September.

"We're just getting started," Williams laughed. "Like always, we're trying to make a great record for our fans, obviously. It's as simple as that. We've learned a lot, we've gone through a lot — it's been everywhere for everyone to see and read — but I think we've never been in a better spot as a band, personally, than we are right now. We all feel great. Went out to a [T.G.I.] Friday's last night, had a nice meal, a family dinner."

Nice! Wonder if anyone had the jalapeño poppers? And though details are still scarce, Williams did say that she's already writing a bunch of material, most of which deals with the rather, um, dramatic year she and her bandmates have endured.

"With the way I write, I feel like I write better from those kinds of intense struggles. I pull a lot from those experiences," she said. "We've all learned a lot about friendship, we've learned a lot about ourselves, so I'm really excited to see how it turns out."

But just because the subject matter might be a bit darker, does that mean that fans should be worried about things getting all mopey in Paramore-land? Of course not.

"It's going to be energetic. It's a Paramore record," Williams laughed. "We don't always talk about happy super ridiculous things like that — it's cool that our music feels energetic and positive, and we can talk about things that are more than just great feelings."

There's still no firm date for just when Paramore will enter a studio to begin work on the follow up to Riot!, but Williams said that's all part of the plan. They've had a rather rough year, so now they're focusing on recharging — and reconnecting.

"We're off-cycle and we're taking time for ourselves. We're hanging out with family and friends, like I said, and hanging out with each other," she explained. "We're just learning about that side of ourselves — [the side] that's not on the road and not busy and intense all the time. It's amazing, it's really been good for us."

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