'Twilight' Stars, Director Give 'Spoilers' On Johnny Depp, Tree Climbing, Vampire Baseball And More

Here's a taste of what Catherine Hardwicke and her cast discussed at the taping of MTV's new show.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Until now, you've only read the news reports, seen the firsthand accounts and witnessed the still-marveling "Twilight" stars attempting to describe the electric atmosphere of last week's MTV "Spoilers" taping. This Friday at 7:30 p.m., you'll finally be able to watch it all from the comfort of your couch — and now, as part of our 10 Days of "Twilight" series, we unveil exclusive footage of the question-and-answer session between the stars of the November 21 film and a few hundred of their most die-hard fans.

Tree climbing, Johnny Depp casting, Team Jacob baiting, co-star kissing — no topic was off-limits during last week's once-in-a-lifetime event. So without further ado, here's a taste of the big Q&A, which began with director Catherine Hardwicke.

MTV: How did you decide which parts of the movie needed more Stephenie Meyer, and which scenes called for more Catherine Hardwicke?

Catherine Hardwicke: Well, we all love Stephenie's novel, so the idea was to take all the ideas and words that were really cool in Bella's head and make them visual, make them more cinematic, like some of the [footage] you saw tonight. In the book you don't have Edward in the trees [quite like he is in the movie], but you have that feeling, that euphoria and that magic of being with the sexiest vampire in the world. So that's what we did in every case, [wondering], "How do we make it more of a film and more action and more exciting?"

MTV: The audience just watched a visually stunning scene with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart climbing an enormous tree. Was that really them up so high?

Hardwicke: Oh, yeah, they're in the tree. We had the trees on the edge of the cliff, and it was right on the Columbia River Gorge, so it was a little bit scary. It was cold and rainy, and I was like, "Please, don't slip!" Some of the really scary shots, those were the stunt doubles. That helicopter stunt where they move around the trees? That was the stunt doubles. They look pretty good, and the stunt doubles look pretty hot too.

MTV: Let's take some questions from the fans.

Twilighter: From the clips we saw, you often chose a documentary style. Why?

Hardwicke: Well, each scene has a little bit different feel of camera angles; we weren't trying to do awkward angles. We tried to make it feel intimate.

Hardwicke is joined by actors Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice) and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper).

Hardwicke: If you guys don't mind, I called for backup. [She laughs as the fans scream.]

Twilighter: What was your favorite scene to film and to watch?

Hardwicke: They haven't all seen the movie.

Jackson Rathbone: I don't think my "wife" [looking at Greene] and I have seen the film. One of the most fun scenes we had filming was right at the end of the movie. We get to do a little vampire battle.

Ashley Greene: I agree with that. The fight scenes were definitely the best. I'm ferocious.

Hardwicke: Wait till you guys see what she does in the fight scene. All of them are pretty gnarly.

Taylor Lautner: I've seen the movie, and my favorite scene is the ballet studio scene, definitely. It gets so intense. You guys will have to see it. I don't want to say too much, but it's pretty awesome. [As for scenes I'm in], my favorite and least favorite is the beach scene. It was my least favorite because the weather was horrendous, but it was my favorite because I'll have wonderful memories of it.

Twilighter: What was the biggest challenge in adapting the book into a movie?

Hardwicke: Well, one thing was taking 500 pages and getting it into a two-hour movie and making you guys happy — that was a challenge. And the casting — how do you find super-hot vampires? [Looks at Lautner] And hot werewolves, sorry! [After listening to the audience scream some more] We might need some cold showers for some of you.

Twilighter: Are there any plans for "New Moon"?

Hardwicke: Well, keep your fingers crossed. "New Moon" has even more werewolves and special effects, so we have to make a bunch of money at the box office so we can make it.

Twilighter: What's the best way, as director, to calm actors and keep their energy up?

Hardwicke: To keep them focused, I use Red Bull, music. What do you guys think? If you have a lot of energy and if you care, it helps a lot.

Greene: Everyone asks me if you're a ball of energy. [Working for you] was amazing. You kept going and going.

Hardwicke: What else gets you guys going? [Realizing her double entendre, the crowd goes wild; Hardwicke blushes.]

Rathbone: It was the music. We had a lot of fun playing on set. Rob's a musician, and I'm a musician, so we had little jam-outs. Good times. She let us do it; she let us play, and that's what it's all about.

Twilighter: What's the most difficult challenge faced while filming?

Everyone: The weather!

Hardwicke: The weather was not a "Twilight" fan. We were in the Pacific Northwest in the wintertime. It rains. It hails.

Greene: Our lips turned blue; we were, like, shaking.

Hardwicke: We were wearing long underwear and wetsuits ... because you'd have to be outside for 12 hours, and it was pouring down rain and hail. Also, you can't have direct sunlight on the vampires, or you know what happens. [Laughs.]

Twilighter: Anything you'd do differently?

Hardwicke: Yeah, if we had maybe more budget, we'd have some dream sequences. We'll save it for the next one.

Twilighter: What was the draw for you to take part in this movie?

Rathbone: Ever since I was I kid, I wanted to do a vampire movie.

Greene: I read the books, and I was as crazy about the books as you are.

Kellan Lutz: Emmett's the coolest character ever; he's a stud. ... It's just so much fun being Emmett. [A fan screams, "I love you!"] I love you!

Lautner: For me, actually, it was that. It was knowing all you Jacob fans were out there, and I'm here for it.

Catherine leaves, and Peter Facinelli and Edi Gathegi take her place.

Twilighter: What were your favorite special effects?

Edi Gathegi: I think it's more real-life stunts than special effects. It's actually real people doing real stunts. There's no bad vampires besides myself up here, so I'll speak for all of us.

Lutz: The baseball scene was done with new technology. There was a clear plastic ball. It's these new special effects they wanted to try with us, and it made the ball move really fast, so when you see it, look for that.

Twilighter: Can you get Johnny Depp in the next film as a Volturi?

Peter Facinelli: Catherine is gone [so she can't answer], but we'd love Johnny Depp.

Twilighter: What scenes in the other books are you looking forward to filming?

Facinelli: Some werewolf fighting!

Gathegi: Well, with all the scenes I'm going to be doing, I want to kick some werewolf butt.

Lutz: I love the fighting stuff, especially with Jasper.

Twilighter: Dr. Cullen, what did you do to get into that old character?

Facinelli: I'm not the most mature person, so I had to work really hard to play mature. I looked at where he was born, and looked through 350 years of history on where Dr. Cullen would have gone in his life — from Italy to Chicago to all the places he visited — which is fun as an actor, because I got to do a lot of history research. I felt like the time [in which] he grew up, and the things he's seen in his life might affect him and who he was. So, doing the research on those time periods made me feel like I'd lived through those centuries, and that made me feel more knowledgeable.

Twilighter: Taylor, how do you get taller between now and "New Moon"?

Lautner: We dig [the other actors] ditches [to stand in]. I don't know; they've been doing this for a century. I should ask Catherine, but she probably won't answer me because she's trying to focus on "Twilight," so I'm trying not to go there.

Twilighter: Why is "Twilight" so appealing to audiences?

Lautner: "Twilight" has everything possible in it. It's got the romance that you guys are going to love. It's got action, and a horror dark side. I saw the movie, and it's got everything.

Facinelli: Can I ask a question, Taylor? Were you rooting for Rob and Kristen's characters?

Lautner: Later. [He jokingly pretends to walk off the stage.]

Twilighter: How did you all get into those deep dark roles, or the funny roles?

Gathegi: Well, Kellan is a funny person. And I'm a very dark person. [Laughs.]

Facinelli: And I'm old.

Twilighter: If you could be any character besides your own, who would you play?

Lautner: I can't decide between [Edward and James]. I could either be Edward and not screw things up, or I'd have been James and finished the job in the first place.

Rathbone: I wouldn't be anyone else. I have this beautiful wife! [He kisses Greene as the crowd goes wild.]

Lutz: Edi, didn't you say you wanted to be Bella?

Gathegi: Yeah, that'll be in the spin-off, "The Laurent Chronicles."

Twilighter: What's the biggest difference in life, with your newfound fame?

Lutz: Well, my grandparents in Iowa — I just went to this really small town in Iowa, and my grandma doesn't watch TV, but she's the coolest person in Iowa right now because she knows someone in "Twilight." All of her friends love it. ... I recently went to a high school football game just to see the game, and I felt like I was mobbed the whole time, but everyone was so cool. This one group of moms bought me a hot dog, and then another and another. I ate five hotdogs!

Greene: My family, I love them to death. They help as far as keeping me grounded, because sometimes your head gets a little big, and I try to go home as much as I can, because after I go home everyone's like, "We liked you so much better [before you were famous]. What happened?" My dad cried when I got the part. My dad cried.

Facinelli: My parents didn't cry at all

Greene: My friend was like, "Your face is on a shirt!" And my brother bought one. He wears a "Twilight" shirt.

Rathbone: I have my family in Texas coming out for the premiere. My little sister is 13 and so excited! It makes me the cooler big brother, so I'm happy about that.

Gathegi: We are the same people before and after we got the parts; it's just about remembering who we are. It's a gift we got the part in a franchise, so we've gotta just recognize every day and stay grounded.

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