Sasha And Malia Obama Invited To Appear On 'Hannah Montana'

Miley Cyrus offers first daughters advice on dealing with sudden fame, as Billy Ray mentions possibility of guest stunt.

Aside from living in the most famous house in the world and getting a new puppy, being the first daughters has its perks. First up, according to Billy Ray Cyrus, is a possible guest spot on daughter Miley Cyrus' Disney Channel show, "Hannah Montana."

In an interview with "Access Hollywood" on Monday, Miley's stage dad and co-star said that Malia Obama, 10, and Sasha Obama, 7, have been invited to appear on a "Montana" episode slated to air next spring.

"They probably will. The invitation is there," Cyrus told the celebrity TV show. "You know the 'Hannah Montana' film comes out in April. Maybe something might happen around then." But, like a man who's been ushered out of the room by those guys wearing black suits and earpieces, Cyrus clammed up when pressed for details about the possible cameos, saying, "I can't, I can't. I have got to keep a secret."

Though her dad had dropped the tantalizing hint about the sweeps-like stunt, when "Access" quizzed Miley herself about the possible pop-in by the presidential kids, the pop star said she had no idea if the offer had been extended yet. But President-elect Barack Obama has mentioned in several interviews that Malia is a big "Hannah Montana" fan.

"I think that would be really cool, and if anything, [we would] have them visit the set," Miley said. "They could see what we do, and we could hear about what they do." Asked what kind of role she could see for the Obama offspring on her show, Cyrus speculated, "They are kind of like me before I started my own career. [They] are kind of put in it because their dad ... so I would want it to be normal, and they could come hang out on the set with normal girls. I think that would be fun for them."

Cyrus, 15 — who has had her share of difficult moments in the spotlight thanks to a series of racy photo scandals — offered the young Obama daughters some sage advice about dealing with sudden fame.

"I think, more than anything, it would be to find your own identity," she said. "Something that makes you stand out, where you can be like, 'This is Miley, and she does this.' I think that is a cool way to be, if you can have your identity away from your parents, away from a friend or brother or sister."