Lil Wayne Plans Tour With T-Pain, More; Dedication 3 Track List Revealed

'Wayne putting out a mixtape shows he's still in the game,' producer DJ Drama says.

It looks like is getting that diverse tour he wished for — on Monday night (November 10), camp confirmed an eight-week trek with Teddy P, , and Weezy starting December 18. There should be no problem filling the set lists up, as Pain's Thr33 Ringz comes out November 11; Cole's next album, A Different Me, drops December 16, and Wayne is set to release his latest street massacre, the Dedication 3 mixtape on Thursday. Once again, the New Orleans Fireman teams up with the Mixtape President, .

"People have their opinions or their comments, but Wayne putting out a mixtape shows he's still in the game," Dram said on Monday evening. "[This mixtape] isn't for the money or the fame, it's for the people. It's for the game. You can hate on Drama or Wayne all you want, but we're doing this for the game."

The first two Dedication CDs have been instrumental in setting up Wayne's evolution as the hottest MC in the game over the past few years. Weezy and Drama have been talking about Dedication 3 for most of this year, and Dram said he started to send Wayne beats six months ago; the tape was completed last week.

"I picked the 'Art of Storytelling 4' beat," the DJ said. "You never heard nobody rip that 'Art of Storytelling' other than . People are scared of that. That's [Andre] 3000 on there. Weezy went in, he killed it. He did his thing. The 'Shootouts' beat by is on there. Wayne did the V.I.C. 'Get Silly." One of my favorites he did was the old and [track 'Couldn't Be a Better Player,' which Wayne retitled 'Di-- Pleaser']. Tip's 'Whatever You Like' is on there. 'Ain't I,' that beat is on there — it's more singing on this tape clearly than part one or part two. But that's where Wayne is right now, his zone."

Another difference from the initial two releases in these 'hood installments is that Wayne's crew gets more shine.

"I think it's more ... definitely more Young Money [Entertainment] than it was on the first two tapes," Drama explained. "It was always Young Money on the tapes, but I think this one is more for what Wayne is doing. He knew people would be paying attention to the brand. It was a place for his artists to shine as well. I also have my artists and La the Darkman on the tape. Just the brands alone, Dedication, Wayne, Gangsta Grillz — it's that strong."

Dedication 3 comes out later this week — Drama says check for it around Thursday.

Track list for Lil Wayne's Dedication 3, according to DJ Drama:

» "Welcome Back"

» "Dedication 3" (featuring Mack Mane, Willie the Kid and Gudda Gudda)

» "What Else Is There to Do"

» "Di-- Pleaser" (featuring Jae Millz)

» "Ain't I" (featuring Jae Millz)

» "You Love Me, You Hate Me"

» "Bang Bang" (featuring Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda)

» "The Other Side" (featuring La the Darkman, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda)

» "My Weezy" (featuring Shanell, Lil Twist and Tyga)

» "A Dedication"

» "She's a Ryder" (featuring Gudda Gudda)

» "Still I Rise" (featuring Nicki Minaj)

» "Magic" (featuring Gudda Gudda)

» "Do's & Don'ts of Young Money"

» "Whoever You Like" (featuring Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda)

» "That Was Easy"

» "Get Bizzy" (featuring Gudda Gudda)

» "I Got That Gangsta" (featuring La the Darkman and Willie the Kid)

» "A Message to the DJs"

» "Stuntin'" (featuring Drake)

» "Dedicated"

» "Put on for the Game" (featuring Tyga and Gudda Gudda)

» "Dedication 4????"