Justin Timberlake Jumps On T-Pain's 'Can't Believe It' Remix

JT called Thr33 Ringz track 'his favorite song I ever did,' Pain recalls.

T-Pain says he can't believe what just happened to his hit record "Can't Believe It." Justin Timberlake jumped on the remix.

"We actually met, like, six months ago. I was at the studio in Miami working on my album, and he was in the room next door," Pain told MTV News via text message on Friday. "He came to my room, and I played him some records from the album, and he said 'Can't Believe It' was his favorite song I ever did. I was shocked."

Pain started laughing — he literally typed "Pain laughs" — at how everything unfolded.

"So knowing that [Justin loved the record], I wanted him on the record since that day," the Florida singer continued. "But it never happened until [last] week. I got a call that said, 'Hey, Justin hopped on "Can't Believe It." ' It's just awesome when someone who don't ever do remixes with anyone hopped on my song out of every hot record out there. I never expected it to happen. That's some real sh--. I just called him to tell him thank you!"

The beat for the new "Can't Believe It" has been changed up some, and original guest star Lil Wayne is replaced by JT, whose lyrics fall in line with Pain's words about wooing women.

"Hey, Pain, I don't normally do this, but let me talk to them for a second," Justin says before singing. "I can see you smiling, standing on your own island/ Girl it ain't nothing to your man to give you all the things in life you missed/ Priceless." And, yes, Timberlake does use the famed Auto-Tune effect during some parts.

"I can put you in a townhouse/ I can put you in my house," Justin sings later. "I'm talking about Timberlake, yeah/ We can have the wedding in Jamaica .../ Your love is built like a drug, and I don't want to be sober."

T-Pain had previously released a Konvict Muzik remix of "Can't Believe It" with labelmates Akon and Kardinal Offishall. At the end of the new remix, Pain declares that "Auto-Tune is almost on the way out."

Pain's Thr33 Ringz comes out on Tuesday. Guests on the album include Chris Brown on "Freeze" and Mary J. Blige, Diddy and Akon on "Change." Akon also appears alongside T.I. on "It Ain't Me." Ciara is featured on "Blowing Up."