'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Talks Music, Underwear, Parking Tickets And ... Toenails?

'I've also been trying to improve my spelling,' actor says of what he's been working on since 'Twilight.'

NEW YORK — Here at MTV News, we employ many highly trained journalists who have made it their life's mission to perfect the skill of the interview. But we're never too highfalutin' to remember that, sometimes, the best answers don't come from research, skill and experience, but rather spontaneity, eagerness and the good old-fashioned desire of a fan to simply geek out.

With that in mind, we recently recruited 19-year-old "Twilight" superfan Laura Culpepper to once again reunite with heartthrob Robert Pattinson as he gets ready to finally unveil his film to a loyal army of Twilighters all over the world just like Laura. RPattz had a lot of fun teasing her about the fact that she wasn't as polished as the media types who've been interviewing him lately, and she got the fast-rising star to cough up news you won't find anywhere but here.

From shopping excursions to buying underpants to his fear of turning into

Jennifer Lopez, from his confusion over parking tickets to his love of "2001," this is the interview that will give you a better idea than any of what it's like to hang out with the man sometimes known as Spunk Ransom. So, take it away, Laura ...

Laura Culpepper: All right, Rob: Edward [Cullen] obviously has some large flaws, but he is really in touch with them. What would you say is your biggest flaw?

Robert Pattinson: I don't know if I should say. Well, I don't know if they are large. Who's to say if they are large or not? Flaws? I had quite big claws yesterday, but I cut them off. Is that a reasonable answer to the question?

Culpepper: All right. [Laughs.] If you could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Pattinson: If I could collaborate with any musician ... James Brown.

Culpepper: James Brown? I love him. Your co-stars Kellan [Lutz] and Nikki [Reed] recently accused you of running like a mountain goat. How do you feel about that?

Pattinson: A mountain goat? [Laughs.] I would have said that I run more like a cheese string.

Culpepper: Is it goat cheese?

Pattinson: Yes, it's a goat-cheese string. What does a mountain goat run like? That is much more athletic than the way I run. I run like a person who has just had their limbs sewn together. I'm not even like a human.

Culpepper: OK. [Laughs.] So, Kellan likes Runts and Cam [Gigandet] loves the Skor Bar ...

Pattinson: Runts?

Culpepper: Yeah, they're, like, these tiny little candies, like, sour. What's your favorite candy?

Pattinson: I don't like candy. It doesn't agree with me. I start convulsing.

Culpepper: A lot of Web sites have commented about your hair, which is under wraps today. [He was wearing a hat.] But when you usually have it [piled up], how do you make it do that?

Pattinson: Sometimes I just have to pull my own head out of my ass, you know what I mean? That's what happens! Those are the consequences.

Culpepper: Each Cullen family member has their own special trait that they bring to the table. If you could have any superhero power in real life, which one would you want?

Pattinson: Flying, obviously. Everybody wants to fly. Flying is the best.

Culpepper: The "Twilight" soundtrack was released today, with a song by you on it. How do you feel about having thousands of people suddenly exposed to your music?

Pattinson: Is it released today? I feel like a complete idiot. I wish I hadn't done it. [Laughs.] I don't know; it's kind of embarrassing. I didn't really think about it before I put it on the soundtrack, and then it's like, "Ooh!" It looks like I'm trying to be J. Lo.

Culpepper: Did you go into a studio to record specifically for the film?

Pattinson: Yeah, that's the only time I've ever been in a studio. And I literally — since I've done all that stuff — haven't picked up a guitar or even sung in the shower.

Culpepper: Really? So "Twilight" has basically ruined everything for you?

Pattinson: No. I mean, I liked recording in the studio. It's just people listening to it — that gets embarrassing.

Culpepper: Well, I've heard the song, and I liked it.

Pattinson: Oh good. But that's not how it's supposed to be, by the way. I recorded it specifically [to fit the scene and] I had to make it really quiet so it fits in the background of the scene. But the song is nothing like that. [Sarcastically] So, it's way better in reality — the way I have it in my head.

Culpepper: Speaking of music, if you could choose a band or song that encompasses your interpretation of Edward, what do you pick?

Pattinson: My interpretation of Edward? There is a composer named György Ligeti, and he did a piece called 'Requiem [for Soprano and Mezzo Soprano solo, mixed Chorus and Orchestra]'.

Culpepper: Is he Italian?

Pattinson: He's Polish, I think [Ed. Note: Ligeti is actually Austrian.] That piece, that specific piece, signifies a lot of stuff. It's the piece at the beginning of "2001: A Space Odyssey".

Culpepper: I don't think I've seen it.

Pattinson: God [laughs], you're literally such an amateur. You can just kiss that internship goodbye!

Culpepper: [Laughs.] Thank you, Rob. I love the support I'm getting here.

Pattinson: You should just quit — quit everything. You're reading off the page! Do you see me reading off a page? [Both laugh.] No, because I'm a professional.

Culpepper: I am reading off [a piece of paper]. I apologize! Publicity for the movie has been really big, from tons of TV spots, to tons of ads in L.A. How does it feel for you to be everywhere?

Pattinson: It's funny, because I really don't think the poster looks like me at all, so I'm like, "Whatever." No one really recognizes me. The only place people recognize me is in L.A., and that's pretty much it. Well, I haven't really been anywhere else.

Culpepper: Well, you were just in Rome, weren't you?

Pattinson: I was, but I was just literally going to planned mobbings. I just keep doing that. It gives you a very strange opinion of yourself. You just go to different cities everywhere and it's a series of different, planned mobbings. [Laughs.] But it's fun.

Culpepper: [Looking for the next question] Let's see ...

Pattinson: Are you on your extra [questions] yet? Your extra list? "So, what's your favorite color?"

Culpepper: What is your favorite color?

Pattinson: I don't know. Gray, maybe?

Culpepper: Did you read "Breaking Dawn" yet, the finale to the series?

Pattinson: I haven't yet. I read the beginning; I just got it the other day.

Culpepper: OK, one final question: Have you been working on anything new? Any new projects?

Pattinson: Well, I've been trying to get healthier.

Culpepper: No, I mean movies.

Pattinson: Well, [my health] is my project at the moment. I've also been trying to improve my spelling; spelling has been the big one for me.

Culpepper: So, no new movies, just spelling. You're working on your grammar.

Pattinson: Yeah, I also had to change my bank account details, and I had a parking ticket the other day — that's an ongoing project. [Laughs.] I still haven't figured out how to pay it; it's too complicated for me.

Culpepper: I think you have to mail something.

Pattinson: Yeah, it's too complicated for me. I keep ringing up [the number on the ticket], and I just get an operator and no one can say anything to help me out with that. Also, I cut my toenails as well ...

Culpepper: Oh, you did! [Laughs.]

Pattinson: And I bought some new underpants yesterday — that was another project. Because on this press tour, I forgot to pack underpants. So that was a project which I completed yesterday; I got about four pairs of underpants. I got some socks as well ... and a nail clipper, because I needed to clip my nails. Those are my projects.

Culpepper: Well, that's great, because underwear is important, man. Well, that wraps it up, Rob. [Both laugh.] Thank you so much, Rob. It's always so cool to see you.

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