Tokio Hotel Deny They're Collaborating With Miley Cyrus, Keep Tattoos Hidden

'You can't see it, because I think I have to be naked,' frontman Bill Kaulitz laughs about his new ink.

When they're not being immortalized in wax or plowing through mountains of Halloween candy, Tokio Hotel are actually busy doing the kinds of things normal bands do: touring, getting tattoos and — most importantly — recording new music.

"We are in the studio, writing songs, and everyone says, 'Oh, that is cool, it sounds good,' but you really want to ... see the fans' reactions," frontman Bill Kaulitz said. "It's hard, because we really want to play the new songs. ... I want to sing them. It's hard to do 'Monsoon' again and again and again. I'm so nervous about the new record, and I want to see all the faces when we play the first song from the new record onstage."

Kaulitz said Tokio Hotel have been working on the follow-up to their massive Scream album in Germany, with the same production team that helmed their worldwide breakout, but the songs they've written and recorded are already veering into uncharted territory.

"We really wanted to try something new. So I think there are a lot of different and new sounds," he explained. "Some songs are very different. We listen to one song and think, 'Maybe we should try different sounds with the vocals and the guitars.' It's a different side of Tokio Hotel."

But no matter how different things may get, Tokio Hotel promise that anything you've read about the album is probably wrong — especially rumors of a cameo by none other than Miley Cyrus. Of course, that doesn't mean the guys aren't opposed to the occasional superstar collaboration.

"Nothing has been fixed in yet. We are thinking about some artists, and they are really surprising artists yet, but it's not fixed in yet," Kaulitz laughed. "We met Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, but that [rumor] is not true. We never thought about that. I think a big dream would be to do something with Aerosmith or someone like that."

Kaulitz said there is no definite timetable for finishing the new record, nor would he come forward with any potential titles for songs, but he did hint at the band getting back on the road sometime early next year to premiere some new songs, so ... infer from that what you will.

"I am really looking forward to the next tour. ... It will be good to go play for the fans, because they inspire us. I want to see their faces," he said. "And I hope we get the chance to play Warped Tour. That would be really nice."

Oh, yeah, and earlier, we mentioned a tattoo. Well, as we're sure you're aware, Kaulitz recently got a new one ... somewhere on his side. But he wouldn't get into specifics about it, because, well —

"It's German words, a lot of German words," he laughed. "You can't see it, because I think I have to be naked."

Somewhere, an army of Tokio Hotel fans gently weep.