Samuel L. Jackson Talks 'Avengers,' His Favorite Memories Of Late 'Soul Men' Co-Star Bernie Mac

'I'll do every movie they wanna do,' actor says of Nick Fury character.

He's an Oscar nominee, one of the world's top-grossing movie stars of all time and the creator of dozens of iconic roles, from "Pulp Fiction" to "The Incredibles." But sit down for any length of time with Samuel L. Jackson — as MTV did recently — and you'll see that those three simple words still apply: one bad mother----er.

The star of "Soul Men" gave us the skinny on his latest movie, his favorite (dirty) memory of late co-star Bernie Mac, what he does if a fan quotes his movies back at him, why he might soon be traveling to Boston, Nick Fury and more.

MTV: Are you a singer? Do you walk around the street and sing? Are you on the ninth hole, kinda busting out a tune?

Samuel L. Jackson: I have a song every day in my head when I'm on the golf course. It changes according to how well I'm playing. If I'm just kind of cruising along making par after par after par, I'll change up and go to a little upbeat tune to see if I can jack myself into birdie mode. Then if I go into bogie mode, I'll come back down into something a little bit more mellow.

MTV: And that's something just in your head, or are you humming it out loud?

Jackson: Yeah, just a song that I'll grab in my head. I'm a superstitious golfer, so there are songs I remember singing when I was two under par, and I'll go back to that song to get myself back into the groove.

MTV: I heard some people saying outside that Bernie Mac did a mean Sam Jackson impression.

Jackson: I never saw it.

MTV: Nah, come on.

Jackson: [Laughs.] I wish I had seen it! Can we get it? Get him in here. Make him do it.

MTV: Do you have a favorite memory from working with him on set?

Jackson: Actually, the funniest day for me was a day when I didn't even work. I actually went over there to see [noted porn star] Vanessa del Rio the day I wasn't working. And I looked over and saw him and Bernie was like, "How's it going, man?" and he was, like, panting! "She's killing me, man. She bounced up and down on me. She's killing me!"

Dude, this is, like, the fantasy of every kid that grew up in the '60s! In a bedroom with Vanessa del Rio? T---ies bouncing in your face? It's Vanessa del Rio. I'm sure half the audience is sitting there going, "Who?" But, for those of us who were [young and] into porn in the '60s, '70s — not even into it, just happened to glance at a movie — she was very large in those days!

MTV: One thing that surprised me about the movie — I guess I just didn't know exactly what to expect going in — I had a different impression maybe based on the ads and whatnot. A lot of cursing in this movie. You let loose.

Jackson: It's a little profane.

MTV: I might not ever get this opportunity again. Would you curse at me? Would you yell an epithet at me?

Jackson: I don't have to yell one at you. I can just kind of look at you and just kinda say, "Wow, man, that's a strange motherf---ing question coming from a mother----er that's, like, you know, supposed to be on something that's kid f---ing-friendly! [Raising his voice] What the f--- is wrong with you? Get your sh-- together! And don't put this on your goddamn MySpace page.

MTV: Awesome. You've been in so many iconic movies and you've had so many iconic roles, do you get people coming up to you and spouting lines that you've done?

Jackson: All the time.

MTV: What's the one that's the worst — the one they do the most?

Jackson: "You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?"

MTV: What do you say to that? Do you say, "Yeah, I said that?"

Jackson: No, I go, "No, what?" 'cause that's what I said in the movie. And they go, "Come on, come on, you know right?" And I go, "I thought you wanted to do the scene with me." There's only been one person that ever got it and actually did the scene after that. He actually went on and did John's next line and I did my next line. And I went, "Oh, so you really like 'Pulp Fiction.' " Most people claim they love it and they know every line of it, but they don't.

MTV: They don't. They can't follow it up with "royale with cheese."

Jackson: Right. And I go, "Royale with cheese."

MTV: I heard that you might be doing this movie in Boston? A fire-department movie? "The Fallen"? Is that something that you're eyeballing?

Jackson: Yes.

MTV: That's Brian Goodman, right?

Jackson: Brian and I play golf every day. Brian's my golf partner. He and I hang out and his last film that they screened in Toronto ...

MTV: "What Doesn't Kill You" ...

Jackson: ... got amazing reviews ... It's awesome. But the script is good, and Brian's a good guy, and hopefully that film will come together and I'll be able to do it.

MTV: And what about Nick Fury? What is your ambition for that, moving forward? Is it just gonna be "The Avengers," or are you hoping that somewhere inside of you that it's gonna be "The Avengers," and "Thor" and "Captain America?"

Jackson: Should be some little piece of all of that. I should kinda pass through "Iron Man 2," "Captain America," "Thor," — all those things — and eventually get to that "Avengers" space, yeah. Especially now that they got Don Cheadle. I know Don'll want me.

MTV: Have they given you the master plan for that yet?

Jackson: They sorta gave me a master plan about how they want it to work ...

MTV: And you're on the same page?

Jackson: Yeah, man. I'll do every movie they wanna do. I'm down.

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