Kanye West, Usher, Rick Ross, More React To Barack Obama's Historic Victory

Fat Joe, Nick Cannon, Young Jeezy also celebrate the new president-elect.

The hip-hop community was one of, if not the cross section of people most vocal about their diligent support of Barack Obama. For many, including 18-year-old Soulja Boy Tell'em, 36-year-old Busta Rhymes, not to mention Juelz Santana, Maino, Bow Wow and Nas, Tuesday marked their first time voting. Others, such as Diddy, Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z, worked tirelessly both online and in person, encouraging people to get out to the polls. Young Jeezy made a tremendous record called "My President," while Will.I.Am wrote a trio of proudly pro-Obama tracks. Their faith paid off when Obama was announced the president-elect.

"Obama!" Fat Joe yelled, watching the news of the Illinois senator's win from his home in Miami. Joe was shaking in his chair like a little kid. "That Latino vote!"

"It's just incredible to know that Barack Obama is our president," Usher told MTV News. "Can I say this? The coolest sh-- ever!"

Kanye West acknowledged the win on his blog, posting an image of the senator under the headline "Hi Mom, Obama Won!"

"The vision of the hip-hop generation and its young people is in full and glorious effect tonight," Russell Simmons said in a statement released to MTV News Tuesday night. "While many older Americans, who marched and struggled so hard so Senator Obama could run for president of the United States, never dared to believe in his candidacy's real potential, young people, particularly the hip-hop community, had faith, and their imagination became our reality.

"Obama's election as president is a beautiful testament to the American collective consciousness that is flowering," the statement continued. "This more loving consciousness will be necessary to protect us from some of our hurtful human choices and tendencies. We will need it to create balance with the constantly emerging advances in technology so, going forward, we can use these advances in a positive way to lift up Mother Earth and all her inhabitants."

"This is my proudest day as an American," Nick Cannon said via e-mail. "We have elected a leader that represents change and unity. Barack Obama has carved his place in history as a true beacon of hope!"

Even artists from outside the country were eager to share their reactions. "I am ecstatic!" Estelle told us in an e-mail. "I just got the news arriving in the U.K. I'm so proud of Americans for making that change happen!!! Let's go towards a great new future!!!!"

Rick Ross has been persevering through the tragic loss of his friend and business partner record exec Shakir Stewart for the past few days, but he found hope once again through the election results. He was so pleased and overwhelmed with Obama's win on Tuesday, he was at a very rare loss for words.

"I'm just ... to be honest, I'm speechless," he said. "I think we all should be. It's time for action. I'm one of the people that really think life can be a mind game at times. To see this obstacle that us, as men of color, have overcome. ... There are a lot of mind games that people played on us, or we used as an excuse for not being successful. I think the picture that Barack will paint for black males will be phenomenal. [The world] is finnin' to see us as being compassionate, as far as being leaders, as far as having the potential to be great as president."

The Boss also commended Obama's acceptance speech.

"He showed his level of class," Ross opined. "He commended John McCain. He thanked his team, his political adviser for putting together maybe the best campaign in the history of the presidential race. I would say he has the support of the people. One of the lines that touched me the most was when he said it doesn't make sense for Wall Street to be on top and Main Street suffering more than ever. That's the nerve of the problem in the United States for the past few years."

"My president is black," Jeezy triumphantly told MTV News via e-mail upon hearing of the Obama victory. The Atlanta native — who, as recently as Sunday, was on the phone working with the Obama camp to encourage registered voters to get out to the polls — was going out to celebrate.

Jeezy has a video for "My President" coming out in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, Nas dropped a mini song called "Election Night" on Tuesday. He recorded it in the early morning of November 4 while on tour in Norway. Will.I.Am will release his latest Obama song and video, "It's a New Day," on Wednesday (November 5).

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