Will.I.Am Ready To Release New Barack Obama Song

Track is the Black Eyed Peas MC's third about the presidential hopeful.

NEW YORK — Shall we curse or not, Will.I.Am?

"F--- that/ I realize I shine like the sun," he raps into the microphone at Chung King Studios. Then the Black Eyed Peas mastermind has a change of heart, stopping mid-rhyme. "I can't say, 'F--- that.' What the f---? Are you serious? I can't say, 'F--- that.' "

As the engineer cues the beat back up, the line in question comes back around. "Bump that?" he suggests, unsure. "F--- that. [I'm saying,] 'F--- that.' No."

Will was in the studio last week for no less than six hours working on his latest pro-Barack Obama song, which sounds like it will be called "It's a New Day." The track is Will.I.Am's third about Obama. When he released his first song about the presidential hopeful, "Yes We Can," Will gathered some celebrity friends, including John Legend, Scarlett Johansson and Common, for a video. The next song, "We Are the Ones," also had a star-filled video, this one featuring George Lopez and Jessica Alba.

Now that Obama has won the election, the producer/MC plans to release his new ditty Wednesday.

"It's a new day/ It's a new day/ It's a new day," Will sang after some intense mumbling — mumbling with a melody and key in mind. "It's a new day/ Blah, blah/ This morning/ Thinking about tomorrow."

After a few more hours, Will.I.Am hit a roadblock. He forgot the entire song, and it was time to record.

"I just need the first word, then I'll know the whole rap," he said with a bewildered look. Then, as if someone turned on the lights, he remembered.

"Oh! Oh!" he said, before launching into the song. "In the name/ Creating game/ There's a lot of people suffering/ Some of this injustice, stuff's gotta change/ Money got the gas prices higher than ever/ If you ain't got no money, you gotta get some/ People want money, more than education."

Perhaps the new president will get to hear the song personally on Tuesday night (November 4). Will.I.Am traveled to Chicago early Tuesday and is scheduled to partake in the official Obama festivities.

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[This story was originally published at 6:54 pm E.T. on 11.4.2008]