An Election Night Timeline: When Will McCain Or Obama Be Declared The Winner?

We break down what you can expect as the polls close and results begin to trickle in.

After months of rallies, speeches and debates, Election Day is here. At 6 p.m. ET, the first polls will close, and we will be that much closer to learning who will be the next president of the United States of America.

In this heated election season, anything can happen, so we broke down what you can expect as the polls close and the results begin to trickle in.

6 p.m. ET: Indiana and Kentucky begin to close their polls. Kentucky is a red state; while it seems that Indiana is a toss-up.

7 p.m.: Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia, as well as most of Florida, begin to close down the polls. Both Indiana and Virginia have gone Republican since 1964, so if they swing Democrat and vote Barack Obama, it doesn't look good for John McCain. Polls show that McCain and Obama are still neck and neck in Florida, and it's an important state for McCain to win.

7:30 p.m.: Polls close in Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina. These three states have close races, but West Virginia usually veers more Republican. In 2004, the Ohio election results were not called for several hours after polls closed.

8 p.m.: Polls close in Alabama; Connecticut; Joe Biden's home state, Delaware; Washington, D.C.; Obama's home state of Illinois; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; most of Michigan; Mississippi; Missouri; and New Hampshire. Missouri — which has determined the winner of every election since 1904, except for Eisenhower's win in 1956 — is currently a toss-up.

8:30 p.m.: Arkansas' polls close. This is typically a Republican stronghold.

9 p.m.: McCain's state of Arizona, where poll numbers are close between Obama and McCain, shuts down its polls, as do New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska and some parts of South Dakota, Texas and Michigan. This is a crucial time for both candidates, as they are relying heavily on winning any number of these states. Depending on what happens, a winner could be called at this time, or it could still be a long night ahead.

10 p.m.: Iowa, Nevada and Montana close shop. Obama is expected to win Iowa and Nevada, and Montana could be an unlikely win for Obama.

11 p.m.: California and Oregon polls close.

Midnight: Some Alaska polls close. Alaska will almost definitely go with the McCain ticket, since Governor Sarah Palin is the vice-presidential nominee.

1 a.m.: All Alaska polls call it a night.

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