Taylor Swift Says Voting For The First Time Made Her Feel 'Completely American'

The 18-year-old shares her experience, and we want to hear about yours.

Taylor Swift just voted in her first election, and the 18-year-old said that casting her ballot on Thursday in Sumner County, Tennessee, made her feel "so completely American." The 18-year-old country singer told People.com she was keeping quiet about who she voted for, but she assured everyone that she did her research before making her choice.

"I watched the debates, and I read all kinds of articles on each person and each vice president and what they believe in and where their priorities are," she told People. "I went with my gut instinct. I wavered back and forth the entire time I was waiting in line, and when I got into the voting booth, I said, 'That's the one I'm voting for,' and I pressed the button. And I feel good about it!"

The busy teen waited in line for an hour and a half in order to vote early. "I wasn't going to be able to vote on November 4, because I'm going to be in L.A." she said. "But there wasn't a chance I was going to let this slip away."

She also told the site that being involved in this election has been a very empowering thing for her. "The line wrapped around the building," she said, "but I can honestly tell you that it was worth the wait. I felt like I really accomplished something special. It's like exercising — you think about it, and you're like, 'Wow, there's going to be a long line, there's going to be a lot of effort involved,' but afterwards you feel so good."

Swift said she and her friends really found an interest in politics this year. "Everyone I know is obsessed with their opportunity to vote," she said. "I see people getting involved, and there is something really, really beautiful about that."

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