DJ Khaled Gathers Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, More For New Ace Hood Video

'I'm here representing for him, the future,' Jada says on Atlanta set of 'Ride' remix clip.

ATLANTA — Hey, all you get-out-the-vote organizations: Try getting

DJ Khaled as one of your spokespeople. No joke. If Young Jeezy is the king of inspiration and thug motivation, Khaled is the sultan of stimulus. He's one of the few people that can get half the rap industry up and out of bed after a night of partying to come down to his video set.


Rick Ross, the Diplomats, Pusha T of

the Clipse,

Soulja Boy Tell'em,

Busta Rhymes,


Ray J,

Trey Songz and model Angel Lola Luv are some of Khaled's friends who came out for

Ace Hood's "Ride" remix video.

"I'm here representing for him, the future," Jada explained during a break. "[He's] a new up-and-coming spitter going hard."

"Just to have one person acknowledge me as an artist is a blessing," Ace said later in the night. He and Khaled had just traveled over to Young Jeezy's cameo-heavy video for "Who Dat." "I don't take nothing for granted. To see all these big artists ... I used to sit on my couch and eat Froot Loops watching them, begging to be a part of the [hip-hop] movement, begging to be a part of what they're doing. Now, for them supporting me on my video is huge, man. It's huge to me. Big up to everybody who came to show me love. I don't even wanna name names. So many stars, we started a little mini block party."

"The whole world came. Listen, the remix is crazy," Khaled said, before sending a special shout to the MTV Jams family. "It's definitely gotta be a Jam of the Week. This needs to be a Jam of the Month. Jam of the Year. Something extra-special. Jam it two times an hour. We gotta do it big, because this is classic."

"The concept of the video is simple," Ace interjected. "We chillin', white background. Ladies in the background."

At the end of the "Ride" remix — which features

Juelz Santana and Ross — Hood introduces a new record called "Get 'Em Up."

" 'Get 'Em Up' is gonna be a huge street classic, produced by Drumma Boy," Ace described. "It's a crazy single. Basically, rep your city — wherever you from. Whatever 'hood you from, it's pretty much simple. It's a no-brainer. When it comes on in the club, you already know the situation."