'Friday The 13th' Producers Lead Us Through Exclusive Photos From Upcoming Reboot

'Don't fall in love with them, 'cause they might not be there in the end,' Brad Fuller says of cast picture.

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Jason Voorhees, an icon of horror cinema, doesn't return to theaters until early next year, but MTV News has an exclusive first look at two new pictures from the eagerly anticipated "Friday the 13th" reinvention to sate your appetite.

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form walked us through the pictures, letting us know what characters we can safely get attached to, how their heroes are smarter than the average victim, what plans they have next for Jason and more.

MTV: The first picture showcases a lot of the young cast. It looks like they're having way too much fun. Poor, unsuspecting, innocent kids.

Brad Fuller: [Laughs.] Yes, so sad. [The photo] is from the beginning as they're arriving at the house. One of their classmates has a house right off of Crystal Lake, and this is when they first arrive. But don't fall in love with them, 'cause they might not be there in the end.

MTV: How could I not fall in love with ? That's what I want to know.

Fuller: She's very lovable, but there's not gonna be a long-term relationship between you and her in the movie.

Andrew Form: Also, if you're a fan of , he is amazing in the film.

Fuller: Yeah, he's the smart guy who knows what's going on. You know, in a horror movie, you have the guy who kinda senses that maybe things aren't all right? And he's hilarious. Everything that comes out of his mouth is funny.

MTV: This shot is really bright, by the way.

Fuller: It does look so bright here, doesn't it? You know, traditionally, most of our movies predominantly take place at night, but we thought in this movie, to just kinda get started and give the audience a little bit of a chance to get ready for what was gonna happen, we would do a couple scenes in the day.

MTV: It makes me wonder: Are we meant to be rooting for the kids in this movie, or are we really meant to be rooting for Jason here?

Form: You know, I think that's a hard question, because I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who are gonna be rooting for Jason automatically, just right out of the gates. But I think we've been able to set up these kids in a really likable way. I think you are rooting for a lot of these kids. Not all of them, you know. There's a couple of kids in there that you're definitely gonna be rooting for them to die. But definitely some of these kids you're gonna be rooting for through the end, hoping that they get some good licks in on Jason.

MTV: That leads nicely to the second picture. It's a sort-of hero shot — it looks like 's not doing so well.

Fuller: He had a little brawl.

Form: Jared definitely goes head-to-head with Jason in this film.

MTV: How many fights do we have in the movie? Do you have a count?

Fuller: We don't have a count, but certainly there are characters who fight back to Jason. He's not totally invincible, or at least they attempt to survive. They go after him.

Form: Usually, in the "Friday the 13th" movies, when Jason kills, he hits hard and he hits quickly, and it's usually a big surprise, and people are killed and are dead in one second.

MTV: Here we actually get people being proactive about fighting him.

Fuller: Well, for the most part. We're hopeful that our kids are not dumb, where the audience goes, you know, "I can't believe they're gonna do what they're gonna do!" They try to be smart. Or if they are doing something like that, they acknowledge that it's stupid and they probably shouldn't be doing it.

Form: So, a girl will walk out of a cabin and into another cabin, let's say, and it's night, but you're not expecting Jason to be in that cabin. He doesn't exist to the protagonists, so it's not like you have people walking around and people are yelling in the audience because they don't know about Jason. A lot of it happens where Jason can pick people off one by one and the other castmembers aren't even aware that they're dead.

MTV: Let's take a step back. Is there a sense that this movie is the start of a whole new franchise? Is the ending of your movie open?

Fuller: Let me say it this way: The Jason movies, they've sent him into space, they've killed him, and he kept coming back in those movies. So, in our film, we're not concerned necessarily about ending the movie so that there could be a sequel. If [audiences] feel satisfied and they want to go back and see another one, then we have some hard work to do to figure out how we're gonna bring it all back. It was not constructed necessarily for a sequel.

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