Soulja Boy Tell'em Hits The Clubs To See What Songs You Like -- And How You're Dancing

We caught up with the teen sensation on the L.A. set of his 'Turn My Swag On' video.

It's just that easy. hops right out of bed in the morning (or afternoon — depending on how late he partied and/or recorded) and turns his swag on. And when he's doing interviews, he turns his confidence all the way up.

"These are the steps to coming up with your own dance," he said on the L.A. set of his "Turn My Swag On" video, directed by Skee.TV ('s "Dope Boys"). "You sitting at the crib with your partners. It's about 12 in the morning. You go to the club. Basically, [that's] what I do," he said with a snicker. "Real talk."

But he doesn't just go to the club. "We'll be at the studio," he continued. "I'll make a beat. I got my own club in Atlanta called the Excalibur. We go to the club and play new Soulja Boy music. We watch what they do. We take little bits and pieces back to the crib and YouTube it. That's it. Take your own songs to the club. That's how you know it's hot. All you artists out there, shipping your songs to the radio and you ain't getting the response you want and your album only does 10 or 20 thousand the first week, go out there yourself. Play it, and watch the reaction. You ain't gonna find no hit through the label."

Soulja's next album, iSouljaBoyTellem, comes out December 16, and he's starting the affair off double-fisted.

"The single is 'Bird Walk,' " he said. "Brand-new dance me and my boys came up with. Similar to what we did with 'Crank That.' 'Turn My Swag On,' it's basically my street look. It's just showing all my success from my first album. The first chapter of Soulja Boy in the music industry. I went platinum, 5 million ringtones. A whole lot of records I broke. It's a lifestyle record. Speaking on my success, showing how my life changed since I became a celebrity. It's basically saying, 'I'm back.'

"This album, I'm speaking on a lot of stuff," he added. "I'm talking about the game, the industry. I'm still speaking on the club, the girls. I'm talking about dancing, money ... having fun. I'm talking about kids, Yums: my shoes and hats. My shirts and all that. I'm starting to see the other side of life. I'm maturing even more. ... My album is gonna be hard, though. For real."

, , and are the big-name contributors to the set. In addition to his Yums apparel line, Soulja Boy is also involved in a sitcom that's half animated, half live-action. Although he didn't have a title, he described it as " 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' but way better. We're in the future, we got better technology."

And Soulja has been utilizing technology a lot lately. We all know about his viral-video back-and-forth with Ice-T. Get ready for the next opponent: SB's fired assistant Q. Allegedly, Q withdrew $45,000 from a Soulja account and was subsequently dismissed. Q claims he was strong-armed by gunmen to do so and told his side of the story in a video blog. Soulja responded by calling his onetime friend a thief and a liar and dismissed Q's story as a cockamamie tale.