Jennifer Hudson's Sister, Julia, Blogs About Son Julian: 'He's Protecting Me'

Plus: More details emerge about the triple-murder and the only suspect, Julia's estranged husband.

A day after police confirmed that her 7-year-old son had been found dead in the backseat of a car on Chicago's West Side, Julia Hudson called son Julian King "my innocent baby" on her MySpace page.

The undated post in the "About Me" section of what appears to be Jennifer Hudson's sister's official MySpace page features a message seemingly posted after the murders of King and the Hudson sisters' mother and brother on Friday.

"When I started my MySpace, all of the above was true," Julia Hudson wrote, referring to a more easygoing, earlier post, in which she wrote about having one child, being "always bored" and loving to have fun. It also says, "My sister is Jennifer Hudson, yes the Jennifer Hudson."

"I guess it's time to update this," she continued. "Now because I chose to do what was natural to me and love someone, it cost me my beautiful family. It cost me my beautiful, loving, supporting mother Darnell, my true blue baby brother Jason — I love you baby — and last but never least, my only son Julian, my innocent baby one that was sheltered from all the evil in the world because we loved him so much."

Julia Hudson thanked all of those who supported her family while the search for Julian went on over the weekend, and concluded the post by writing, "His lil soul is at ease. I take comfort in knowing that Julian is with my mother and my brother and most of all the Lord, and now he's my angel, he's protecting me."

As the family went into seclusion to mourn, more details about the triple-murder began to surface Tuesday (October 28). While police haven't ruled out the involvement of others, the primary suspect in the case continues to be Julia's estranged husband, William Balfour, 27, who is currently being held at Stateville Correctional Center on parole violations from a 1999 conviction on attempted murder.

Officials continue to focus on reported ongoing disputes between Balfour and Julia Hudson and her family, one of which was over unpaid car payments, an unnamed source told the Chicago Tribune.

The paper reported that Hudson's mother and brother had thrown Balfour out of their Englewood home — the site of their murders — in the past, and Julia told police that Balfour had threatened the family. A source also told the Tribune that Balfour warned Julia that he would kill her if he found out she had a boyfriend, though he kept several other girlfriends, including the pregnant one in whose home he was found by police several hours after the first two murders were discovered Friday.

As previously reported, Balfour — who has not been charged in the murders — initially cooperated with police after they questioned him Friday night, but when they suggested he take a lie-detector test, he reportedly stopped talking.

Though police have not ruled out the possibility that the killings were carried out by more than one person, Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis said Monday that it was not "a case of a stranger-type homicide."

Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that on the day of the murders, Julia and Balfour had argued after Hudson was told by her employers at a bus company that her wages would be withheld because she had failed to make car payments on a vehicle Balfour was supposed to be helping to pay for. Hudson reportedly complained to Balfour over the phone about the discrepancy during a phone conversation that morning.

According to the Tribune, police believe that Balfour went to the Hudson house on Friday and fired shots through the front door, striking Hudson's brother, Jason, and when Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson, came into the living room screaming, he shot her as well. Shell casings were also found in Julian King's room, though no bullet holes or signs of violence were evident. An autopsy was conducted on the child Tuesday, with officials concluding that the child's death was a homicide. The paper said that much of the timeline of what police believe happened came from an interview with one of Balfour's girlfriends, who reportedly contradicted his alibi and told police he was involved in the murders.

Gunfire is so routine in the Englewood neighborhood where the Hudsons lived, according to the Sun-Times, that neighbors failed to call police when they heard shots Friday morning. A neighbor on the block where Balfour's girlfriend lives told the Sun-Times that he saw a man he believes to be Balfour park a white SUV — possibly the same one King was found murdered in — across from his house around noon on Friday. The man in the car then reportedly fooled around with something in the glove box and left the car to walk a half-block, glancing over his shoulder the entire time as he made his way to the house where Balfour was later arrested.

Balfour, who grew up in the same neighborhood as the Hudson family, returned to that area in May 2006 after serving seven years in prison on the attempted-murder charge. He then reconnected with Julia Hudson, one of the three Hudson siblings he had known while attending the same elementary school, according to the Tribune.

The paper also reported that during his brief marriage to Julia Hudson, Balfour appeared to embrace the role of stepdad, declaring himself a "proud parent" on his MySpace page and frequently taking walks with King in the park and taking the boy on fast-food runs.