Fall Out Boy To Attempt To Break Interview World Record

'It's all a big adventure, even though this one's only kinda big,' Pete Wentz says of trying to complete the most interviews in a 24-hour period.

At least they're persistent. On Friday, Fall Out Boy will make another attempt to enter the "Guinness Book of World Records" when they take aim at the mark for "most radio interviews by a pair within 24 hours."

Earlier this year, FOB's attempt to set a record for playing a concert on all seven continents fell short when bad weather forced them to cancel a planned trip to Antarctica. And, while this attempt will face decidedly fewer weather-related challenges, the task ahead of them is still rather daunting — the current world record is 57 interviews completed in a 24-hour period, set by New Zealanders Alastair Galpin and John Stansfield in May 2008.

Still, FOB's obsession with world records — while admirable — does beg one rather important question: Why? The answer wasn't readily apparent to us, so in an attempt to get to the bottom of it all (and in some bizarre way, to prep them for the challenge ahead), MTV News e-mailed Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz to find out.

"Because I read the 'Guinness Book of World Records' front-to-back when I was 8, and I put it on a list of things to do in my head — others include owning the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier and meeting MJ ... any of the MJs," FOB's Pete Wentz wrote. "It's nice to check some things off the list from time to time. Besides, like most things ... why not? It's all a big adventure, even though this one's only kinda big."

So on Friday, at 3 a.m. PT, Wentz and FOB frontman Patrick Stump will take their seats at Premiere Studios in Los Angeles and begin doing interviews with radio stations around the world. The goal is to crush Galpin and Stansfield's mark of 57 interviews. This means that they're going to need to push themselves to the limit — something Wentz is more than aware of. In fact, he's prepping as you read this.

"I have a big mouth, lots of teeth and am filled with hot air. Sometimes I feel like I could talk forever," he wrote. "In all seriousness, we've been watching YouTube videos of that Micro Machines guy for speed, then a bit of Sarah Palin to study up on how to answer any specific question with whatever vague answer we want."

And Wentz knows that, over the course of 24 hours, they're going to have to deal with their fair share of stupid questions too — most of which will have to do with the baby he's expecting next month with his wife, Ashlee Simpson.

"I'm sure I'm gonna get a lot, like, 'Blah blah blah, when's your baby due?' 'Is it a boy or girl?' 'Will it be friends with other celebrity babies?' " he wrote. "There will probably also be 20 about our name, then maybe a few about our new record. Some radio guys are pretty cool and have been asking about [the first single from their upcoming Folie à Deux album] 'I Don't Care' a lot, which is sweet. Hopefully, Patrick will do a lot of talking, because he's a pretty articulate guy when you get him going."

No kidding. And though FOB are gunning for the interview record on Friday, Wentz wants everyone to know that this doesn't mean he and his bandmates have given up on the whole "seven continents" thing, either. After all, the only thing standing between them and "Guinness Book" fame is one lousy, icy continent.

"I think 'Guinness' kind of feels bad for us and just wants us to get in the book," he wrote. "It'd be nice as a warm-up to get to Antarctica. I don't want to have a [Barry] Bonds legacy about it, you know? Where it's like you got in, but people question it."