50 Cent Says Kanye West Is His 'Opposite'; Lil Wayne Is Oblivious To Jay-Z's Blueprint 3: Mixtape Monday

Plus: Tony Yayo goes viral for S.O.D.; Jay reached out to Pharrell to work on the Blueprint sequel.

Artist: Tony Yayo

Representing: The G-Unit

Mixtape: S.O.D.

411: As promised, it's a G-Unit blowout this week. We have news on Lloyd Banks' next street CD, 50 Cent opining on his fourth-quarter showdown with Kanye West and, of course, the in-depth word on Tony Yayo's S.O.D. mixtape.

Yayo will be the next member from G-Unit to put out an album next year (after 50's Before I Self Destruct on December 9). It all starts with the pavement grind. The Talk of New York certainly isn't leaving his beloved Unit behind, but he is starting to carve out his solo path, leading up to the album.

S.O.D. — Swammies on Deck, which is Queens street slang for firearms — is an ode to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in "The Dark Knight" and Tony's down-for-whatever demeanor. DJ Whoo Kid helped put it together.

"The mixtape, you hear a lot of the hard-core sh-- on there, you can tell where it comes from. Yayo scares other rappers," Whoo Kid said. "Whenever he's around ... blood is coming out of their bodies."

"It's not like that," Yayo laughed. "I'm in the streets, though.

"My album is coming right after 50's last album on Interscope, the end of his contractual obligation," he continued. "I'mma wait till the smoke clears, then my album comes. I wanna make sure it's marketed and promoted right. A lot of artists don't realize that it's the machine that helps you out. Back to S.O.D. We went virally with that. That's the thing with ThisIs50.com. MTV.com. Everybody has a dot-com. On the ['Do It Right'] video I did with French [Montana] and Max B, I got a million plays. It played everywhere. That's the new hustle."

Yayo's next unofficial LP comes out around the end of November. "The next mixtape, Black Friday, I got Uncle Murda on there. R.I.P., Stack Bundles. I had to get the Riot Squad. I got Stack Bundles' verse. Shout-out to his pops, shout-out to the Riot Squad. I got 40 Glocc, I got Spider Loc on there."

"Tell the people we're doing it for them," Whoo Kid added. "Keeping the good music out, and sh-- they could rock in their car. All that popcorn sh--, you can't rock in your car."

S.O.D.'s guest stars include Corey Gunz, Ransom, French Montana and Max B.

"I was talking to Scarface the other day," Yayo said. "I was gonna throw him on there, but I'm probably gonna save that for the album. We was playing golf the other day. The whole thing with G-Unit. It wasn't like we never wanted to do features. We was touring. Always out and about, constant movement. It was never time to reach out to dudes."

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The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

OK, this is getting ridiculous. Stop it. Just stop it. There isn't a Kanye West vs. 50 Cent feud. They aren't in the same lane of music, and they aren't dropping on the same release date again. Still, people want to say that the fourth quarter is part two of the Kanye vs. 50 showdown just because each artist has an album coming out in that time period.

"If you'd like it to be," 50 told us last week with a grin. "There's no comparisons in us as artists. It's the yin and the yang. It's almost the opposite. It was almost taboo in hip-hop for you to make a love record. That was reserved for LL Cool J: 'I Need Love' and 'Luv U Better.' He was the only hip-hop artist that's actually done that, prior to what I see [now] with Kanye. For him to make an entire love album, it's pretty much based on ... love and Auto-Tunes: 808s & Heartbreak. I can't wait to see what this does.

"I'm sorry, this is incredible," 50 continued with a chuckle. "I can't wait to see how the public responds to this. My fans are real critical to me. I've raised the bar in a lot of ways. They don't allow anything less than what could be considered hands down the best material from me. If I release 'Straight to the Bank' or 'Amusement Park,' they'll give me resistance until I deliver 'I Get Money.' "

50's Before I Self Destruct checks in December 9, while Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak drops November 25. Elsewhere, Lloyd Banks drops his next mixtape, Halloween Havoc, on October 31.

"I'm gonna keep flooding it," Banks said. The last [mixtape], I leaked a lot of the freestyles [on the Net] prior to the tape dropping. But this one, you'll hear the music when the mixtape drops. It'll be more of an event." ...

It doesn't look like Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 is coming out this year. There still hasn't been a video for "Jockin' Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh)." Matter of fact, there hasn't been a word about the album in weeks, except that Hov is working on it.

The only confirmed information is that Jay and Kanye West have done a bunch of tracks together, and the early talk was that Kanye would be the only producer on the album. That is looking more unlikely now. We've been hearing a bunch of rumors about other producers Jay is collaborating with (who shall remain nameless — we don't do rumors, just facts). But one of those guys spoke to us recently: None other than Pharrell Williams, one of Jigga's main go-to guys.

"Of course," he said when asked whether Jay had called him to work on Blueprint 3. He then took a long pause before refusing to divulge any more info. "He don't like for you to say so much."

Williams is working with a lot of artists he can talk about right now. We were in the studio with him recently in Atlanta and had a sneak preview of some beats he did for Diddy and the Clipse. One Puff track that really stuck out has the potential to be huge if Diddy does it right.

"Puff's album is crazy," Williams promised. "Y'all should know that. It's pretty serious. It's innovative.

"[Lil] Wayne and I had an interesting conversation," he added about his slate of production work. "We just did Fall Out Boy. We did Cassie, Jadakiss, going in with Fab. ... I can't think. It's a bunch of stuff." ...

While the Neptunes' handiwork might appear on Jay's Blueprint 3, a Lil Wayne collaboration might not be as likely. Wayne said he didn't get the call from Jay to jump on the record. Actually, Weezy had no idea The Blueprint 3 was ramping up!

"I didn't even know it was a Blueprint 3," he told us. "That's because I be working so hard. If you wanna call me or tell me anything, you gotta come to that studio."

Everybody is still talking about that Weezy freestyle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards that got political. You can check it out here. ...

It's great to see hip-hop community members showing love to one another, especially when you don't usually see them together. We grabbed Juelz Santana and Talib Kweli together for a quick interview, and are we clairvoyant or what? The fellas have actually started formulating a plan to collaborate with their respective cliques.

"We got a secret project I can't tell y'all about yet," Talib said. "Y'all gonna hear about it. Look out for that Blacksmith [Records]/ Juelz Santana and Skull Gang collaboration. That new Skull Gang mixtape is like an album. I see it.

"This is the man right here," Kweli continued about his Harlem peer.

"This is the man right here," Santana said, pointing to his Brooklyn friend.

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