'High School Musical' Stars Nominate 'Classmates' For Senior Superlatives

Who's most likely to win an Oscar? Or a dance-off? The actors share their answers.

The stars of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" are growing up and moving on.

Over the past couple of years, we've seen Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens go from teen idol wannabes to full-fledged teen dreams. In this installment of the "High School Musical" franchise, their characters — Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth, Sharpay Evans and Gabriella Montez — are graduating, saying farewell and heading off to college. But what senior year is complete without some good old-fashioned senior superlatives?

So we asked the cast, old and new, to weigh in on the students of East High's Class of 2008.

Most Likely to Laugh in the Middle of a Take

Zac Efron: Chris Warren Jr. [who plays Zeke in the series]. We don't have to think about it.

Vanessa Hudgens: A lot of us. When we get into this giggly mode, we can't help ourselves.

Matt Prokop: Chris Warren.

Justin Martin: His laugh is incredible. He has this high-pitched [laugh].

Jemma McKenzie-Brown: Yeah, and they kept it! They kept it in the film.

Prokop: And it was just so funny and so random that they just had to keep it in the movie.

Most Likely to Win an Oscar

Corbin Bleu: Zac Efron.

Efron: I was going to say Lucas [Grabeel, who plays Sharpay's brother Ryan]. Corbin, for sure. He's right next to me, so ...

Ashley Tisdale: For me, Lucas. He's so good, and he's so great to play his character. He's going to shock a lot of people.

Prokop: Lucas.

McKenzie-Brown: Such a multitalented person. He can do everything. When you think you've seen everything, he'll pull out a guitar.

Most Likely to Win a Dance-Off

Efron: Corbin. ... He just consistently wins dance-offs.

Hudgens: Corbin. He's very versatile.

McKenzie-Brown: He can do everything — every single style of dance, Corbin has been into. He just bought a set of flamenco shoes as well, so now he can go flamenco dancing. He bought them in Spain.

Most Likely to Have Lil Wayne Make a Guest Appearance on Their Album

Bleu: Vanessa.

Efron: Yeah. Vanessa, maybe — that'd be awesome.

Tisdale: [To Hudgens] I thought you!

Hudgens: Me or Zac.

Martin: Justin Martin! I'm actually working on an album right now, so that'd be amazing.

Most Likely to Eat All the Food on Set

Efron: Probably me, 'cause when we're filming, we're dancing all day, so we're all eating all day.

Tisdale: We all are really hungry all the time, 'cause we all do a lot of cardio. It's a major workout for us.

McKenzie-Brown: Oh, that's a good one. I think people have their days. Sometimes people are really hungry, and other times people didn't want anything at all.

Prokop: It depends on what we did before we had lunch — whether it was a dance number or not. I know I ate a lot pretty much every day. It was great. The last day, we had lobster.

If Corbin Weren't an Actor, He Would Be ...

Efron: Corbin would probably end up doing a Cirque du Soleil or something like that.

Hudgens: He's a tough cookie. He likes to dirt-bike race. Maybe he'll be a dirt-bike racer.

McKenzie-Brown: A salsa-dancing trainer.

Prokop: Probably a video gamer. A video game designer or something.

McKenzie-Brown: Or possibly someone who reviews them.

Martin: Like a video game critic.

If Ashley Weren't an Actor, She Would Be ...

Hudgens: Probably a writer. I know she enjoys writing, and she's good at it. I know she's passionate about it.

Efron: Fashion designer.

Martin: Dog groomer. Maui [the dog] wore better clothes than me during rehearsal.

McKenzie-Brown: Yeah, Maui has more designer clothes than even me.

Prokop: Ashley is going to design a doggy line.

Martin: Poodle parlor [owner]. She takes them in, styles them and makes dogs look cool.

If Zac Weren't an Actor, He Would Be ...

Bleu: I would say some sort of sports player. Professional skateboarder.

Hudgens: Maybe a surfer or skater, 'cause I know it's something he enjoys.

Tisdale: He's good at it.

Prokop: Pro skateboarder.

McKenzie-Brown: Oh yeah, he's really good at long-boarding and that stuff.

If Vanessa Weren't an actor, she would be ...

Bleu: A model.

Efron: Good answer.

Tisdale: Probably a fashion designer. I think she's really stylish, and I would buy her clothes.

McKenzie-Brown: A fashion icon or something like that. I love the way Vanessa dresses, and I think she always looks beautiful, like, 24/7.

Prokop: Or a stylist, even, because that girl has style like no other.

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