Lil Wayne To Perform 'Mr. Carter' With Jay-Z For The First Time, Hitting The Studio With Hot Boys

Weezy is also concentrating on his upcoming tour, which he hopes will be 'more an event than a concert.'

ATLANTALil Wayne just had [article id="1597681"]his own Lil Wayne[/article], his first son, Dwayne Carter III. Next week, he'll rap with the elder Mr. Carter: Wayne and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter will be the main attractions at [article id="1594562"]Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert[/article] in New York. Weezy says fans can expect the two to perform "Mr. Carter" for the first time during the show.

"I know the 'Mr. Carter' thing is supposed to be a go," Weezy said Saturday, the day of the [article id="1597431"]BET Hip-Hop Awards[/article]. "That's the whole reason I think I was doing [the concert]."

With Wayne and Jay already in the building, will Kanye West and T.I. pop in to finally perform a complete version of [article id="1593422"]"Swagger Like Us"[/article]?

"I can't answer the 'Swagger Like Us' thing," Weezy insisted.

Besides reveling in the birth of his son, Wayne is preparing for his long-awaited tour. He's been practicing with a live band and working out logistics with the other acts he wants to bring on the road. He told us M.I.A. was onboard, until [article id="1596874"]her pregnancy[/article] caused the British star to have to sit it out.

"It will be a big tour, live band," he said of the outing. "I'll be playing with them. We're still trying to find people to get on the tour, but it shouldn't be a problem."

Wayne further explained his goal of including artists from other genres. "Something to make the tour well-rounded," he said. "Something that makes you feel like you're listening to the radio. I don't want you to be thinking you're going to a Wayne show, so you dress a certain way because it's a hip-hop show. No, 'Wayne and who else is there?' I want it to be more an event than a concert."

Perhaps the tour will include Juvenile and B.G., since Wayne is collaborating with the guys in the studio.

"The Hot Boys reunion is supposed to be a go," he said. "I think there's a few more buttons that have to be pushed, but it's a go."