Lil Wayne To Perform 'Mr. Carter' With Jay-Z For The First Time, Hitting The Studio With Hot Boys

Weezy is also concentrating on his upcoming tour, which he hopes will be 'more an event than a concert.'

ATLANTALil Wayne just had his own Lil Wayne, his first son, Dwayne Carter III. Next week, he'll rap with the elder Mr. Carter: Wayne and Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter will be the main attractions at Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert in New York. Weezy says fans can expect the two to perform "Mr. Carter" for the first time during the show.

"I know the 'Mr. Carter' thing is supposed to be a go," Weezy said Saturday, the day of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. "That's the whole reason I think I was doing [the concert]."

With Wayne and Jay already in the building, will Kanye West and T.I. pop in to finally perform a complete version of "Swagger Like Us"?

"I can't answer the 'Swagger Like Us' thing," Weezy insisted.

Besides reveling in the birth of his son, Wayne is preparing for his long-awaited tour. He's been practicing with a live band and working out logistics with the other acts he wants to bring on the road. He told us M.I.A. was onboard, until her pregnancy caused the British star to have to sit it out.

"It will be a big tour, live band," he said of the outing. "I'll be playing with them. We're still trying to find people to get on the tour, but it shouldn't be a problem."

Wayne further explained his goal of including artists from other genres. "Something to make the tour well-rounded," he said. "Something that makes you feel like you're listening to the radio. I don't want you to be thinking you're going to a Wayne show, so you dress a certain way because it's a hip-hop show. No, 'Wayne and who else is there?' I want it to be more an event than a concert."

Perhaps the tour will include Juvenile and B.G., since Wayne is collaborating with the guys in the studio.

"The Hot Boys reunion is supposed to be a go," he said. "I think there's a few more buttons that have to be pushed, but it's a go."