'High School Musical' Newbies Think Of Themselves As 'A Breath Of Fresh Air' For East High

'We get to pass on a torch to three new faces,' Corbin Bleu says of Justin Martin, Jemma McKenzie-Brown and Matt Prokop.

If the rumors are true, there may be a fourth "High School Musical" movie on the way. And although we're saying goodbye to the original cast in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," the latest film introduces three fresh-faced newbies — Justin Martin, Jemma McKenzie-Brown and Matt Prokop — to pick up where the original Wildcats left off.

But Martin doesn't think the new crew will replace the originals; he sees this as an opportunity to grow the story, not just recycle it. "Our characters are so much unlike [the other castmembers]," he told MTV News. "Like, people always say, 'Oh, you're the new Corbin [Bleu] or the new Zac [Efron] or the new Ashley [Tisdale].' But our characters are so much unlike them. I think it's more a breath of fresh air for 'High School Musical' as the three new characters."

But that doesn't mean that the new guys are going to pass up the chance to take classes and dance in the halls of East High again. "It would be great if the opportunity came along for a fourth one, but we haven't been told anything officially," McKenzie-Brown told MTV News. "We've heard the rumors probably that you've heard as well, but we had such a great time doing '3.' I would do it so many more times. It was the best."

So what did the trio like about filming the latest installment in the mega-series? "I would say my favorite moments were probably running around East High in a towel," Prokop laughed. "Our first day of actual filming, [director] Kenny [Ortega] calls ... and says, 'Hey, head to your trailer, go to your wardrobe and head to set.' And I go, 'Cool! Can't wait to see what I'm wearing first day of filming.' So I go in there, and there is a towel and a pair of flip-flops."

All joking aside, the original cast has a lot of faith in the new kids. "We all graduate in this film," Bleu said. "And 'HSM' relies on youthful energy, and it's great we get to pass on a torch to three new faces. They're great [and] very eager."

Monique Coleman said she was proud to inspire the new kids to reach for the stars. "They're really fun," she said. "The 'HSM' franchise will continue with or without us. I think this movie has inspired kids to follow their dreams — these really cliché things — but it's sort of true."

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