Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale Reminisce About Their 'High School Musical' Education

'We all grew up together,' Hudgens says of their three movies together.

It's all over for East High's original Wildcats.

The cast of "High School Musical" is growing up and moving on, and the movie's breakout stars — Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale — sat down with MTV News to reminisce about their time together shooting the Disney franchise's swan song.

"We all grew up together," Hudgens told MTV News. "We have an amazing time every time we get together. It's a blast."

Hudgens said the cast devised a clever plan to beat the heat while shooting "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" in Utah. "It's really hot in Utah, so we decided to buy a kiddie pool and put it in front of our trailers," she recalled. "We'd hang out in front of our kiddie pool and put our feet in and hang out when we weren't working."

Seeing their roles in the franchise come to an end is bittersweet for the actors, but they are ready to move on and are pleased with the way their characters grew up over the course of the three films. "I think it's been a crazy journey for all the Wildcats, and watching them turn into adults is a great way to finish it off," Efron said.

One Wildcat in particular thinks her character turned out exactly the way she would have wanted. "I really think you get to see my character Gabriella grow and turn into this strong, independent young woman," Hudgens said. "And I'm proud of the direction she took."

Hudgens and Tisdale only have one regret this time around: not enough onscreen interaction between Tisdale's Sharpay and Hudgens' Gabriella. "The only thing I wish I did have was a musical number with Sharpay. Then I would be set," Hudgens laughed.

"We don't have any interaction in the third movie," Tisdale added. "We just have one moment. That one moment should have been turned into a musical number!"

And with this round of the cast moving on, Efron has faith that the new kids will pick up where they left off just fine. "I think that we see a lot of the same energy and enthusiasm as we carried ourselves," he said.

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