Perez Hilton Weeds Out The 'Reality-Television Losers' On 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF'

'I doubt any of them will really become Paris' BFF in real life,' guest star says.

On Tuesday night (October 21), Perez Hilton makes a cameo on his namesake's new MTV show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," airing at 10 p.m. ET. So how did the two Hiltons come together for the best-friend hunt?

"I got a call from Paris, and I was happy to be involved," he told MTV News. "Quite simple, actually."

In the episode, Perez uses his dirt-digging skills to find out people's true intentions in the house. Even though he made a cameo, he said he couldn't begin to speculate on who Paris will choose as the winner.

"I really have no clue, and that's what makes the show so exciting," he said. "The person I thought was best isn't necessarily the one Paris likes the most, so you'll just have to keep watching to find out."

Perez also told us that despite the show's mission statement to find Hilton a new shopping and partying companion, the future seems bleak for the contestants. "They were all very much reality-television losers," he said. "I doubt any of them will really become Paris' BFF in real life, but they make for great reality television, because they're all crazy."

After he got to know the contestants, he warned Paris that she needs to watch her back when media-hungry Onch is around. "He has a jewelry line that he's looking to promote, so he may be using her," he said. "A lot of people in the house may be using her." And why is that? "They just want to be on TV, duh," he joked.

So is anybody actually there because they care about Hilton? Perez says yes, naming "Corrie, the Christian girl," as the most authentic. Perez said Tuesday's episode is "definitely explosive," telling MTV News, "I end up making out with the Christian girl. And there's nudity and some fighting. Lots of fun."