Soulja Boy Tell'em Challenges Gamers, Trashes PlayStation 3

Rapper says he'll take on anyone, anytime — as long as it's on Xbox 360.

Some rappers start beef with each other. But that's not Soulja Boy Tell'em's style. Who needs a one-on-one rivalry when you can go up against thousands of people all at once?

This is how it is these days: Soulja Boy vs. gamers.

A couple of weeks ago, he issued an open challenge on YouTube for any gamer to try to beat him at his favorite games, be they "Halo 3," "Grand Theft Auto IV" or "Call of Duty 4."

Last week, on the set for his next music video, Soulja Boy told MTV News that the challenge has been going well. "I ain't lost none yet. I'm undefeated," he boasted.

Here's an example of how lopsided the rivalry's been, according to the rapper. (Guess who wins in this story.) He said he went online with three friends, started playing "Halo 3" and wound up facing down some angry gamers: "They were like, 'Oh my god, it's Soulja Boy!' And one of them was like, 'No, you've got to buckle down, man. Did you see his video? ... He challenged us. That was a slap in the face, Soulja

Boy!' "

The rapper got an earful of trash talk from that gamer. "He was mad!" Soulja Boy said. But the way the hip-hop star tells it, the game itself was a mismatch. That angry gamer started losing so badly that he quit.

Why might a gamer want to obliterate Soulja Boy in a face-off? Well, there's that YouTube challenge, but he also posted an earlier video, trashing the Xbox 360 game "Braid," which had been praised by many gamers and critics as a triumph of gameplay innovation and sublime artistry. On YouTube, Soulja Boy's take was that the game is "stupid as hell." That clip drew the battle lines. Many gamers now can't stand Soulja Boy, and Soulja Boy — armed with his big-screen TV, big stack of games, controller, headset and camera — now stands ready to trounce them on Xbox Live.

In fact, he seems like he's now ready to up the ante of his challenge. Not to be outdone by Bow Wow and the Game, who recently had a widely publicized "Madden" face-off, Soulja Boy wants to bring the actual rivalry to MTV, YouTube and any other forum where the world can watch his gaming rampage. "We could do it live, no need for tape, and I'll show you," he said.

If there are going to be some public challenges, though, they've got to be staged on Xbox 360. Soulja Boy isn't too positive about the competition and doesn't want to face anyone on any other system. "I don't mess with PS3," he said, though he does own a white import version of the system, which he barely uses. "Sorry, they suck. Real talk. ... They ain't got no games. They had 'Metal Gear Solid IV.' That was the only good game they had, period. Xbox [has] 'Halo,' 'Gears of War,' 'Call of Duty.' " (Technically, "Call of Duty" is also on PS3, but it's clear which system is number one in Soulja Boy's house.)

So, Soulja Boy's ready. He's taking on all comers, all gamers. After wrapping his interview with MTV News, he zeroed in on one gamer in particular and called him out. That gamer would be ... me. For more on his challenge against "Stephen Tortillo," check back here on Tuesday.

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