Paris Hilton Is Back On The Campaign Trail, Seeking 'Fake President' Advice In New Video

In latest Funny or Die clip, 'West Wing' star Martin Sheen tells the heiress she's 'going to make a great fake president.'

Paris Hilton is totally running for fake president, and she totally wants your fake vote. Totally.

That's the message in a video posted early Wednesday (October 8) on, which features Hilton seeking political advice from "one of our greatest fake presidents," Martin Sheen, who played president Josiah Bartlett on NBC's long-running White House drama "The West Wing."

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In the clip, which takes place in the kitchen during "a pre-party for the party before the afterparty," Hilton and Sheen discuss such pressing fake issues as "FoPo" (or "foreign policy," for those of you who don't speak Paris-ese) and the economy, with P stating that she favors a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq and lowering interest rates to bail out homeowners.

"This is the biggest depression since 'The Notebook,' " Hilton says. "How about helping the people who are losing their homes? How about lowering inflated interest rates so it's not impossible for them to pay their mortgage? I know its not as much money for the banks, but it's better than no money at all. Just ask MC Hammer."

Sheen proclaims, "Loves it," and then tells Hilton not to worry, because she's "going to make a great fake president."

Hilton then says, "America was at its best when it was on NBC," to which Sheen replies, "Wait till it's on MTV" (hey, that's us!). Hilton then turns to the camera and proclaims, "See you at the fake inauguration, bitches!"

The clip is the second one Hilton has done for the humor Web site. Back in August, she caused a sensation when she posted her response to an early John McCain campaign ad comparing Barack Obama to Hilton and Britney Spears.

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