Coldplay, Jay-Z Team Up For 'Lost!' Remix

'Lost +' readied for Prospekt's March EP, deluxe edition of Viva la Vida.

Late last week, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin posted a handwritten note (poor penmanship and all) on his band's official site, thanking fans for their support and announcing that "in the spirit of trying to do things a bit differently ... we are going to do a few musical moves that we have not previously attempted."

And just what would those moves be? One is the release of an EP called Prospekt's March, which is filled with songs that didn't make it onto their Viva la Vida album, plus new mixes of a couple of songs that did. The other? Well, that would be a collaboration with Jay-Z.

As Martin put it, "We are going to release a version of 'Lost!' which has a guest experience on it in the form of Jay-Z." (Don't worry, we're not totally clear what constitutes a "guest experience," either.)

And while the announcement got plenty of pickup, no one seemed to know exactly when or where the Jigga-fied version of the song would be available. Until now.

On Tuesday (October 7), Coldplay's label, Capitol Records, announced that the Coldplay/ Jay version of "Lost!" — now dubbed "Lost +" — will be available November 25, both as part of the Prospekt's March EP and as a deluxe-edition of Viva la Vida, called the Viva la Vida — Prospekt's March edition, which contains both the album and the EP.

Martin wrote that the songs on the EP have "each been the subject of many discussions and arguments," because they don't fit the mold of a traditional Coldplay track. But, being the completists they are, the band decided to release them anyway.

"We are very proud of these and are pretty excited to release them," the singer wrote. "Some might be considered too catchy or too heavy for Coldplay songs, but in our minds, they complete the Viva la Vida picture."

"Lost +" isn't the first time Jay-Z and the Coldplay frontman have joined forces: Martin sung the hook on "Beach Chair," a track on Jay's 2006 Kingdom Come album.

The track list for the Prospekt's March EP, according to Capitol:

1. "Life in Technicolor ii"

2. "Postcards From Far Away"

3. "Glass of Water"

4. "Rainy Day"

5. "Prospekt's March/ Poppyfields"

6. "Lost +" (Jay-Z remix)

7. "Lovers in Japan" (Osaka Sun mix)

8. "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground"