Fall Out Boy's New Album To Feature Lil Wayne, Pharrell And ... Blondie's Debbie Harry?

'The record is going to be diverse,' bassist Pete Wentz tells MTV News of Folie à Deux.

It's perhaps testament to Fall Out Boy's clout that even when they're publically denouncing rumors about big-name musicians making cameos on their albums, there's a pretty good chance that those big-name musicians actually will end up making an appearance of some sort ... and they'll probably bring along some of their friends too.

Case in point: Last month, an underage — yet apparently very knowledgeable — blogger named Justin Goldberg posted on his site that Kanye West and Lil Wayne were lined up to make appearances on FOB's Folie à Deux album, citing "a reliable source."

"Knowing the right people has finally paid off," Goldberg wrote in the post.

A few days later, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz addressed that post on his blog, writing that "none of the guests but the ones we have named are currently on the record, to clear [things] up."

And yet, at the same time, he was apparently working overtime to make (some) of said cameos happen, because on Thursday, Wentz confirmed to MTV News that Wayne will appear on Folie, along with a few other guests that might raise an eyebrow or two.

"We got Wayne and Debbie Harry cameos done," he wrote in an e-mail. "

Pharrell produced a track too."

The Wayne cameo we can understand — after all, FOB's last album, Infinity on High, kicked off with a spoken intro from none other than Jay-Z — and Williams did spend plenty of time hanging out on the set of the band's "I Don't Care" video last month, so we get that one too. But where does Debbie Harry — frontwoman of groundbreaking NYC punk/ new-wave act Blondie — fit in on Folie?

Well, Wentz isn't exactly sure either, but he knows that her cameo works with the entire vibe of the album. "I just think the record is going to be diverse," he wrote. "It goes all the way between [Blondie and Wayne]."

He remained tight-lipped about just what FOB fans can expect to hear from Wayne and/or Harry, but he did hint that there were more surprise guests still to be revealed — and some of them may be even more head-scratching than Harry. He also was mum about just what song Williams produced on the album — though perhaps you can venture a guess using the just-released track list.