Britney Spears Says She Plans To Tour In 2009

'Definitely next year,' singer says when asked about touring plans during interview on New York's Z100 radio station.

Britney Spears stopped by New York radio station Z100 Monday morning (September 29) to talk about her new single, "Womanizer," which made its debut on the station Friday, and surprised listeners by saying she's planning to tour next year.

"['Womanizer' is] basically saying, 'We know what you're up to.' It's about guys cheating on girls," she said. "It's a girl anthem. That's why I like it. So hopefully the fans will see it that way too!"

She also said she's completed work on her forthcoming LP, Circus (which is slated for release on her 27th birthday, December 2), on which the single appears. "Well, actually ... I cut Circus like two weeks ago. I've been working on this album for, like, six months now."

Spears said was stunned when she won three Moonmen earlier this month at the VMAs, in part because she feels she's done better videos. "It's a cool video, but I think by far I've done videos that are way better, so I was really shocked that it got the award," she said.

"It was just inspiring, though," she continued, "because now, going forward with the videos that I'm doing now, I can really go there and do something crazy and see what happens."

Surprisingly, the singer also said that she plans to tour in 2009. "Oh, definitely next year," she said when asked about touring possibilities. "Probably around the world." Last year, Spears, under the name M+M's, did a small club tour that found her lip-synching and wearing a black wig during a brief set.

Last week, Spears was seen around Los Angeles filming the video for "Womanizer." In the clip, Britney sports a vampy look, clad in a short black wig and red lipstick, and playing a waitress. The clip was directed by Joseph Khan, who previously helmed her clips for "Stronger" and "Toxic." Sources told that the video features "erotic" choreography.