Travis Barker Will Spend Two More Weeks In Hospital, Jermaine Dupri Says

Plus: The mom of Barker's late assistant, Chris Baker, talks about her 'disbelief' following plane crash.

The latest update on Travis Barker — who was critically injured in a plane crash that killed four others and left DJ AM with severe burns — comes from the former Blink-182 drummer's friend Jermaine Dupri.

"He's doing good. He's gonna be alright. He's just got a lot of healing to do," the music producer told Dupri added that he thinks Barker will be in the hospital for about two more weeks. He visited the drummer, who is also his partner in the So So Def clothing line, on Sunday.

Dupri said he was shocked when he heard that Barker had been in the accident. "I was at home. Somebody called me early in the morning," he said. "It was kind of crazy, and I didn't really comprehend what had happened."

Barker, whose torso and lower part of his body were burned in the crash, is doing well emotionally, according to Dupri. "He's supposed to send a message out to everybody in a couple of days to let everybody know that he's feeling better," he said. "He's definitely feeling the love from everyone."

Dupri said that Barker's hospital room has been outfitted to keep him in good spirits and ensure he heals in a happy environment. "He's just now getting everything in the hospital set up for him — iPods, computers, everything that he needs," Dupri told the site. "You got to make sure he is comfortable."

On Sunday, a doctor from the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, where Barker and AM are being treated, announced that the musicians are expected to make full recoveries. And Dupri thinks that Barker is right on track in the healing process: "I think everything will be cool when I get back there [to see him]. He'll probably be up and talking crazy and all that — back to his old self."

Chris Baker, Barker's personal assistant, died in the Columbia, South Carolina, crash on Friday, along with bodyguard Charles Still and the plane's pilot and co-pilot, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland. Baker's mom, Linda Warn, spoke to this week, revealing that another of her sons had died just 31 days before the plane crash.

"When one happens, you think, 'God, that's some really bad luck,' " Warn told the site. "It's not supposed to happen this way. We're supposed to [outlive our kids]. With the second one, there's anger and then there's disbelief. There is that question of 'What could we possibly have done so bad to be punished like this?' But the bottom line is that it's nothing we did. It's nature. Our friend says, 'It is what it is.' And that's where we're at."

Warn recalled that a friend had once said her son "wasn't a person — he was an event."

"In his 29 years, he crammed more in than most 80-year-olds," she said. "He traveled the world ... saw the 'Mona Lisa' and hung out in a pub with Prince William and Harry."

If you'd like more information on the memorial funds set up to benefit the families of plane-crash victims Chris Baker and Charles Still, visit the Famous Stars and Straps Web site.

[This story was originally published at 12:05 pm E.T. on 9.26.2008]