'Twilight' Stars Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner Get Cagey About Reshoots

Reed says the Oregon weather made the reshoots necessary.

HOLLYWOOD — As fans from Boston to Bombay now know, the stars of "Twilight" recently reunited to shoot some additional scenes for director Catherine Hardwicke. Although MTV uncovered some of the new info when we caught up with the stars at the VMAs and other events around Hollywood, many details remain a mystery.

At the party to celebrate Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood issue, we spoke with stars Kristen Stewart (Bella), Nikki Reed (Rosalie) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). They had new details to reveal about the multiple scenes they just shot — as well as their rapidly accelerating level of fame building up to the movie's November 21 release.

"What are we allowed to say?" Reed wondered aloud, teasing us while she thought back to the top-secret shoot. "I think all we can say is, there were a few days when there were some weather issues [during the original shoot earlier this year] and some time issues, and a few things that could have been done better. And they were."

To get an idea of the extreme Portland weather to which Reed referred, look no further than this clip MTV captured on the "Twilight" set. That popping noise you hear is golf-ball-size hail pounding against the roof of the greenhouse in which they were filming.

"There were a lot of additional scenes," Reed explained. "I think when they saw the film, I mean this is kind of a guess, but I think that they realized that it could use a little bit more of the old element, so I think the flashbacks focused on that."

Reed seemed to think they needed to keep this intel a secret, but Robert Pattinson (Edward), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett) have already revealed that the new shoots included a scene establishing the history of the Cullens. To show when Carlisle and his family made a treaty with the Quileute Indian tribe, the actors dressed in pegged pants and old-timey caps. Facinelli even had to speak to the tribe leaders in their language.

"I'm a vampire, so I'm in the flashbacks," Reed said of the scene. "But this one here [pointing to Stewart] is still — how old is Bella — 16, 17?"

"She's 17," Stewart said.

"Yeah," Reed continued, "so she's in modern time only."

Sure enough, some scenes did take place in modern time, and Stewart was called back for those, including a reworking (with better weather) of Edward and Bella's encounter in the meadow.

And though weeks ago, Lautner told MTV News that they were adding him to the prom sequence, he decided he had to be vague about it this time around.

"[The new scenes are] just a little backstory," Lautner said. "I'm not sure if I can say what I did, or I might not be walking tomorrow! It definitely improved the movie. They did three scenes, and it really has an impact on the film.

"Kristen was in [a scene] with me. Rob was. It was a fun scene," he added. "It was good to see everyone again, because I hadn't seen them in like three months. We reunited, and it was a lot of fun."

The 16-year-old actor also marveled over the fact that the "Twilight" movie has become so big that simple reshoots could capture the attention of devoted fans all over the world.

"The fans are just — well, it's always been insane, so I don't know if I can tell if it's gotten bigger," he laughed. "Everywhere you go there are 'Twilight' fans. It's amazing. We show up at the VMAs and step out of our car, and there are 'Twilight' fans surrounding us like crazy! It's pretty insane how the fans are the driving force of this thing. And I'm really excited to be a part of it."

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