Charlize Theron Wonders Why 'The Hills' Is A Hit, Raves About 'Riding The Will Smith Train'

'Battle in Seattle' star says she's up for a 'Hancock' sequel 'if everybody were onboard.'

Charlize Theron has a lot on her plate at the moment, but she really just wants you to know she's not "a nana."

After a whirlwind summer tour around the world to promote the Will Smith blockbuster "Hancock," she's back in the public eye to promote a much different kind of project, "Battle in Seattle," helmed and written by her boyfriend, Stuart Townsend. Theron headlines an ensemble cast — including Woody Harrelson, Michelle Rodriguez and André Benjamin — that dramatizes the 1999 protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization.

But Theron had other less weighty matters on the brain when MTV News caught up with her and co-star Martin Henderson. Foremost in her thoughts? MTV's past conversations with her about "The Hills" and her apparent ignorance on the pop-culture phenomenon. This time, the Oscar winner was ready to put the subject to rest once and for all.

MTV: Everybody here that's gotten arrested in the name of a cause, please raise your hand.

[Nobody raises their hands.]

MTV: We are so boring.

Charlize Theron: Um, I get arrested every night, but not like that. [Laughs.]

MTV: What does that mean?

Theron: I bet you don't hear that on "The Hills"!

MTV: We'll get to "The Hills."

Theron: I have educated myself since I have last seen you.

MTV: First things first: Is there a cause that is worth spending a night in jail for?

Theron: I would definitely go to a WTO protest for sure. Anything that is going to affect my health, my children's health ...

Martin Henderson: You have children?

Theron: No. If I had children!

MTV: We have broken news. You have children!

Theron: Yes, and they live in Alaska and they can see Russia from their backyards.

MTV: I assume it is not an accident that this film is being released so close to an election.

Theron: It actually is. Stuart was very eager to get it out last year, but he wasn't going to sit back and let it not get marketed the right way. He pulled out of a great deal and has been the head honcho in running this grassroots movement [to release it]. He was really disappointed it wasn't released last year. [But] now when we have two candidates with such clear-cut different views on trade, I think this movie couldn't come at a better time.

Henderson: This movie is about getting off your ass. Don't watch Fox News for the truth. Try to find it from a reliable source and be accountable yourself. We're all a part of this global economy and culture. Hopefully people will start to care. Otherwise, they'll be forced to care.

Theron: [To Martin] You're screwed. You're so going to get deported.

MTV: Charlize, you and I have discussed "The Hills" a couple times.

Theron: Yes, you belittled me on television. They were like, "Who's the f---ing nana on the TV show who's never seen 'The Hills'?!?"

MTV: I never called you a nana.

Theron: Well, the kids now think I'm a nana, thanks to you.

MTV: You have said that you are now up on "The Hills," so I have a question: Do you think Lo is treating Audrina fairly?

Theron: [Long pause, laughs.] So I watched a couple episodes. I was doing a world tour at the time, so I watched them in a couple languages. I realized that this f---ing show is huge. Now I'm going to ask you a question: Why?

MTV: Why what?

Theron: Why is it so big? It's about nothing! This is a free country. Freedom of speech! You can tell me right now to my face that "Reindeer Games" was a piece of sh--. That's totally fine. But "The Hills" is about nothing. I think the girls are beautiful and when they cry their mascara runs and that's real, but I don't get it! [Pause.] I am a nana. I'll just take it. I am a nana. Maybe I need to watch the shows some more.

MTV: Are we going to see a "Hancock" sequel?

Theron: With those guys? If everybody were onboard, yeah — I would be an idiot [not to do it]. Riding the Will Smith train is a really nice train to ride. [Laughs.]

MTV: What does that mean exactly?

Theron: Meaning making films with him. He'll get it. He's not a nana. He's cool.

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