How Did Fall Out Boy End Up In Amish Country For 'Sex Drive'?

Seth Green helped convince the band to be in the teen comedy, which hits theaters October 17.

When MTV News visited the set of the new teen comedy "Sex Drive" in March, we went with the goal of checking out a pretty cool and very funny flick, sure. But we chose that particular day to visit so we could hang out with special guests Fall Out Boy, who were filming an extended performance cameo.

You wanna know something funny? That's why everybody else was there that day too.

"We had all these extras," director Sean Anders laughed of the party scene, which parodies the Amish tradition known as Rumspringa, during which youths can let their hair down and rock like their non-Amish counterparts. "And the only way we could get all these extras out to that part of Florida was to tell them, 'Hey, Fall Out Boy!'

"We were there till 3 o'clock in the morning and everybody's miserable, and it looked like a refugee camp," Anders continued. "[But] they were having a blast, and the band was up there, and the band was really cool and being really cool with the extras, and everybody was having a good time, even though it was freezing."

"[It was] insanely freezing — like below freezing," "Sex Drive" star Josh Zuckerman added. "And Fall Out Boy was out there performing take after take, and there was all these very technical shots. ... What was really great about it was the whole energy. Fall Out Boy had a lot to do with that."

If you didn't know about it going in, the band's appearance in the October 17 film would surely be something of a shock, more of a non-sequitur sight gag than an integral part of the story. Their cameo comes about halfway through the film, when the three main characters, whose car has broken down during a cross-country trip to Tennessee, find themselves stranded in the middle of an Amish community. The joke is that Fall Out Boy are there too.

But if seeing FOB is a welcome surprise for audiences, it was even more so for Anders, who credited co-star Seth Green with convincing the band to appear.

"Seth was already kind of tight with Fall Out Boy, and our music supervisor, Dave Jordan, made the suggestion and checked in with Fall Out Boy and gave it the good push," Anders recalled. "But those guys are big. They had to be really careful about if they're going to be in a film like this — especially a teen comedy. So they check in with Seth, and Seth said the movie is actually funny, and that was enough for them and they came out and it was really, really cool."

"We always get these offers, like, 'Hey, why don't you guys do this "Super Sweet 16" movie!' And we're like, 'Uh, maybe not,' " Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz laughed. "But this one actually seemed funny, and plus, we, like, texted Seth and asked him if he was doing it, and he said yes."

"So basically, I'm like the super-agent, only I didn't take any percentage points on it," Green added. "I did it for this film, and I did it for the kids. You're welcome, America."

Really, though, it's the cast who was most thankful, co-star Amanda Crews said, insisting that her time with the band was the "most fun" of the entire shoot.

"We were — not nervous to have them come, but they're a big band, and so we were like, 'Are they going to be a--holes?' We were worried that they were going to have these egos or whatever," she said. "They were the coolest group of people ever. We hung out with them the whole day when they were on set. That was probably the [most fun] day we shot."

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