Usher Gets Intimate With Lingerie-Clad Model In 'Forward-Thinking' Video For 'Trading Places'

Singer says he's 'loving every aspect' of fatherhood but won't confirm that a second child is on the way.

Usher has a lot on his plate right now. He's working on his latest video for the song "Trading Places," has a fall tour in the works and is reportedly expecting his second child.

Although he wouldn't confirm to MTV News the speculation that he was adding another baby to his brood, with a knowing smile he spoke candidly about the joys he's found in being a dad to Usher Raymond V.

"Loving it. Loving every aspect of it. My life improved so much in having a child," he told MTV News when we visited him on the set of his video for "Trading Places." "I'm very happy. It's a very promising thing to have a child. ... Everybody's saying that [I'm expecting another baby]. There's a lot of speculation."

Usher was more open to talking about his steamy video, which features some intimate moments between Usher and a lingerie-clad model. "It's gonna be hot. The story is, like, wishful thinking for all men to have a woman who takes control and compliments us the way we compliment them."

This marks the second collaboration between Usher and video director Chris Robinson. "We wanted to do something very forward-thinking," he added.

Usher is currently in the planning stages for his ladies-only tour, One Night Stand. He felt that this tour is a way for him to tap into his creative instincts and do something different. "There comes a time when [an artist] wants to do something creative. It's not about the big bang theory," he said. "It's the intimacy of it and catering a show to an audience, and that audience is majority female."

Even with all that on his plate, he is beginning to think about his next album, a follow-up to Here I Stand.

"I've definitely had some time to think about duets, so there should be some of that on the new album," he said. "There's always something on the horizon, but it's just tentative. We're just warming up. But a new album is in the works very soon."