'Guitar Hero' Publisher Working On 'DJ Hero,' Source Confirms To MTV News

Source says mash-up mechanics make for a 'really good' game but are proving to be a 'licensing nightmare.'

As if plastic guitars, drums, basses and microphones weren't enough, "Guitar Hero" publisher Activision Blizzard is also working on a DJ-based music game called "DJ Hero," a source confirmed to MTV News.

On Friday, gaming blog Kotaku reported the first alleged details on a new Activision Blizzard music title, currently called "DJ Hero." MTV News has separately confirmed the existence of "DJ Hero," with a source that chose to remain anonymous.

Our source has seen "DJ Hero" and confirmed Kotaku's description for the basic gameplay mechanics.

An Activision Blizzard spokesperson declined to comment on this story.

"DJ Hero" is one of the few unannounced projects inherited from Activision's merger with corporate giant Vivendi. While Activision Blizzard trademarked the "DJ Hero" name back in February, it wasn't until recently we became aware what the name had been attached to.

We're told the mash-up mechanics make for a "really good" game but are proving to be a "licensing nightmare" when dealing with the music labels. As a result of the merger with Vivendi, however, Activision Blizzard now has direct access to the Universal Music Group.

Other than "DJ Hero," Activision Blizzard has trademarked a number of unannounced music products that have yet to come to fruition, including the games "Guitar Villain" and "Drum Villain." It was later confirmed that the "Drum Villain" development was rolled into the company's upcoming band-oriented "Guitar Hero: World Tour."

Original music-game innovator Konami, also delivering the band game "Rock Revolution" this fall, experimented with DJ gaming with the "Beatmania" series. They released a U.S. version for the PlayStation 2 back in 2004.

Konami never revisited the franchise in the United States on a home console, however, giving Activision Blizzard an opportunity to pull off another "Guitar Hero."

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