'Hills' Star Lauren Conrad Says People Have 'Low Expectations' For Her Book Series

'These aren't meant to be very serious books,' she says of upcoming 'L.A. Candy' series.

Lauren Conrad is branching out. Last week, the "Hills" star announced that she would be adding author to her growing résumé.

MTV News caught up with Conrad to find out if she's feeling the pressure of her new literary career. "I think because I have a reality show, they have low expectations," she said. "These aren't meant to be very serious books. They're very fun. They're a light read, so hopefully people will just enjoy them."

Conrad, who had always dreamed of writing a book of some sort, elaborated a little about the plot for the "L.A. Candy" book series. "We threw around a few ideas, possibly on dating or fashion," she said. "But I love writing stories, so we came up with this idea of loosely basing it on my story, but with completely different people, just kind of the same situation.

"We can have fun with it, 'cause we spent five years on camera, and there was an entirely different story off camera, not being told," she added. "It'll focus on that side of it."

The first installment in the three-book series is expected to hit stores next summer, and Conrad has already completed the outline and will now write the novel. "I'm having a lot of fun with it," she said. "It's definitely a little bit more edgy. Just very real."

Let's not forget that other project Lauren is working on: the always drama-filled soap opera known as "The Hills." Lauren loves to watch it and see how her life is interpreted for everyone's viewing pleasure. "It's fun [to watch]. It's kind of neat to see how the producers and editors take your story and put them into a TV show," she said.

And even Lauren is excited to see what will happen next in her life. "I don't know [what will happen]. It's catching up in real time, so we'll see what happens."

Lauren also will be showing her collection at L.A. fashion week in October. She gave a few hints about what everyone should expect from it. "I mean, it's spring," she said. "A brushstroke, a floral print, and I added chiffon. It's very sweet."