Kelis Acquitted On Charges Of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest

'I'm thrilled that justice prevailed in the end,' Kelis says.

After three days of court proceedings in Miami, Kelis was acquitted Thursday on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In March 2007, Kelis was cuffed and taken to the station by undercover police officers posing as prostitutes. The female officers claimed she approached them and started screaming racial epithets.

On Thursday, her husband Nas was in court with her when the verdict was handed down. The legendary MC had shrugged off the arrest last year, telling MTV News, "It's a lot of sh-- out there circulating about her that she finds pretty funny. It'll be cleared up soon."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the "Bossy" beauty said there are still plans to forge ahead with a lawsuit against the Miami Beach Police Department for taking her into custody in the first place.

"I'm thrilled that justice prevailed in the end," Kelis said in a statement Friday (September 12). "Racial profiling is a very serious matter. Unfortunately, most victims learn to deal with this form of harassment in their daily lives because they feel that they don't have a voice or because they're not able to absorb the costs to legally fight it in court. I hope that this sheds light on the fact that wearing a uniform and carrying a badge does not allow you to act above the law."

"We feel vindicated that the court recognized that Kelis did nothing wrong," defense attorney Ira N. Loewy added. "Her protest over the illegal and unjustified harassment of her husband and friends was protected by her constitutional civil right to speech. She plans to bring a civil suit against the Miami Beach Police for this violation of her civil rights and unlawful arrest."