Jonas Brothers Fans Lie In Wait For Their Big VMA Moment

Meet the dedicated girls who camp out for every Jonas TV event they can.

HOLLYWOOD — A line of girls has formed at Van Ness and Lemon Grove, outside Paramount Studios, home of the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Blankets, towels and cushions are strewn across the sidewalk to make the concrete more comfortable. It's not yet noon on Saturday (September 6), but these dedicated fans don't seem to mind, because no wait is too long to see the .

"When you're a Jonas fan, you have to go to everything," Kayla Palmer explained to MTV News. "And I've been here since 3 a.m."

"I've seen them over 25 times," said Amanda Adamcyzk, who ditched her job at an insurance company to stand in line.

"We've slept over at 'Ellen,' 'Jay Leno,' 'Jimmy Kimmel,' everywhere," Jenna Lederer said, listing recent Jonas TV appearances.

These are not your average Jonas fans. The way they see it, if you're not here, you're an amateur, and they are the pros. "There's a big difference," asserted Maurissa Gomez, who skipped her shift at an Islands restaurant in Orange County to be here. For her, being a Jonas fan is an even better job — just one she doesn't get paid for.

And they do have a job: They'll be in the audience for the Jonas Brothers' VMA performance on Paramount's "Brooklyn" back lot, and their enthusiasm is needed during the band's rehearsal at 4 p.m. on Saturday.

"We weren't even told what we'd be doing," Adamcyzk said. "Just that there might be running involved, so we had to wear comfortable shoes, and we might get to see them."

Thanks to their dedication, many of these girls have had the chance to interact regularly with their idols in a way that most fans don't. They'll gladly drive for hours, fly around the state and skip work or family vacations to be in the audience for any Jonas Brothers television show or awards performance that needs it, so long as Joe, Nick or Kevin acknowledges their existence.

"Sometimes, they do invite you to private parties afterwards," Diana Maaz said.

"We don't miss any events, even if it's three in a day," Palmer said. "Because they do notice you. They know who you are. And as long as they see you, if they point to you or smile or laugh, then, OK, I'm happy."

"That's their way of saying 'Hi' to us," Adamcyzk said. "You just want to have that moment, to know you have that connection."

"I remember the first time, Kevin winked at me," Lederer said, "so now he's my favorite. I know he winks at everybody, but that just made my night, that he winked at me. He's a major winker, but he's my Jonas."

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