Game And Bow Wow's 'Madden 09' Face-Off: Who Came Out On Top?

MTV News brings you play-by-play from the L.A. showdown.

LOS ANGELES — After weeks of trash-talking, Bow Wow and the Game finally met up for their "Madden NFL 09" Xbox challenge.

And Bow Wow kept the trash talk coming before the match, with only a curtain separating his room from Game's.

Meanwhile, Game was focused, getting his pregame practice on against one of his boys. "I'm coming with that haymaker," Game told the room about how he planned to start the game.

Bow Wow told stories of playing Snoop Dogg and not being able to handle the man who discovered him 16 years ago. Snoop called Bow from Russia and asked how they could hold the big game without including him. Wow also said that the Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade said he wants to take him on next in "Madden." Bow planned to let defense take over first while he learned the Game's game.

Although the two had never played each other, Bow was dripping with confidence: "I'm gonna f--- him up so bad."

Game came from behind the curtain and said with a grin, "Oh, you just gonna talk behind my back, huh?

"I'm gonna put the little puppy in my bag and walk him down Rodeo Drive," Game said, laughing with Bow.

Then it was time for kickoff — Game's Patriots to Bow's Bengals. Bow fumbled. Game got the ball. Seconds later, a touchdown pass to Randy Moss. First blood for Game.

Bow got the ball back, but then he had to kick it off to Game. The Compton native immediately ran it back for a TD. After yet another Bow fumble, Game threw a third TD — 21-0, Game. Bow was in big trouble, and there were still two minutes left in the first quarter.

After another fumble, Bow accused Game of turning up the fumble slider, which can affect the number of fumbles in the game. "That's some bullsh--!" Game's response? Another TD. It was 28-doughnut in favor of Game at the end of the first quarter.

Bow finally got on the board toward the beginning of the second quarter, but Game answered right back, scoring a TD with 38 seconds left in the half. With the score at 35-7, Game and his entourage started waving white towels to tease Bow.

Game played the entire game wearing a mouthpiece. He also brought out special-edition Madden sneakers and an Xbox with his face spray-painted on it.

"Y'all playing in the snow. This is some janky-ass sh--," Bow said, obviously upset about the virtual weather conditions. But according to the rules, they had to play with the weather set to random — that means they could've had a sunny, rainy or snowy day.

Bow fumbled again shortly after the third quarter started. "I fumble every time I get the ball? That's some bullsh--," Bow complained.

When Jermaine Dupri walked in, he asked Bow, "Why you playing with the Bengals? [To Game:] You should beat him — he's using the Bengals."

Start of the fourth quarter: Game 42, Bow Wow 7. It was ugly. Game started stunting. His player ran in a TD from the 1-yard line, but get this: Game did the move with his hands behind his back and facing the opposite direction of the TV.

With 1:17 left in the fourth quarter, it was Game 55, Bow Wow 15. A comeback didn't seem likely. Game was wearing a football helmet, while Bow still claimed that Game cheated. Bow scored, giving him 23 points. Seven seconds left, and it was almost mercifully over.

Final score: 55-23 — Game was the champion.

"I'm the sh--, man," Game yelled. "I don't know what else to say. Shout-out to Jermaine Dupri for coming to pick up his little pup. ... John Madden, I love you, man."

"I don't care what they say," Bow said. "It was in the snow. ... Nah, it was a tough game. We both winners. The money is going to charity ... and I still get more girls than this n---a."

"It's all good," Game said. "I got kids your size, man. Ain't no girls allowed in my house, anyway — only gamers. And you're not one."

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