Akon May Stand Trial For Alleged Fan-Throwing Incident

Singer must return to court in December for allegedly tossing 15-year-old off stage.

On Wednesday, Akon was ordered to stand trial on December 1 on charges stemming from an incident that took place at the June 2007 KFEST concert in Fishkill, New York. During the incident, Akon allegedly threw a 15-year-old fan off the stage after the teenager reportedly threw an object at the singer.

Andrea Zellan, Akon's lawyer, told the Poughkeepsie Journal in a statement, "We are pleased that Judge Epstein adjourned the case to a date certain for either a trial or a negotiated resolution. Akon looks forward to putting this incident behind him, and in the meantime he will continue to meet every requirement set forth by the court."

The paper also reported that Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Anthony Parisi offered Akon and his lawyer the opportunity to resolve the matter before the trial begins and prior to juror notices being mailed out, which will occur in the next two weeks.

Although Akon didn't say anything to the press when he arrived at the courthouse on Wednesday, he smiled and gave a thumbs-up sign.

He was not required to attend the hearing because he had made an initial appearance in December when he pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree harassment and endangering the welfare of a minor. If convicted on both charges, he could face a year and 15 days in jail.

There was no shortage of concert controversy for Akon in 2007. In May, he lost his Verizon tour sponsorship for aggressively randy onstage conduct with an underage girl. And in late October, his planned show at Atlanta's Emory University was canceled after several people, including his drummer, were injured while setting up for the gig.