Jonas Brothers Should Be Themselves, Britney Spears Should Wear Something And More VMA Fashion Advice

'Project Runway' guru Tim Gunn isn't sold on the JoBro style: 'They look like they came out of a box of crayons.'

With the VMAs right around the corner, we asked a few of the fashion industry's best to try to predict what some of the contenders might be sporting on the red carpet. The answers — much like the outfits — were very unpredictable.

"Project Runway" guru Tim Gunn had some interesting advice for Ms. Britney Spears, whose appearance at the VMAs was announced on Wednesday (September 3). His fashion suggestion? "A straitjacket."

He continued, "I'm sorry! Well, she's a mess. I mean, I know she's getting better. I'm woeful about her. I'm dubious about how much she wants to succeed. I think she's in a bubble, but I don't trust it will last. I don't mean to be mean, but she's difficult."

Meanwhile, Heatherette designer Richie Rich had some more helpful advice: "Just show off her body. She's looking great these days. I think Britney needs to show it off. [That's] what she's the best at. ... Everybody wants to root for her. It's gonna be good!"

Stylist June Ambrose agreed, telling MTV News all Britney needs this year is clothes. "She was naked last year, so clothes," she explained. "I think she should accentuate her legs, show soft cleavage — not overt cleavage — and less sparkle. ... Go more matte and mod, more '40s pinup. It can be hot for her."

The stylists also had a lot of fun advice for Rihanna, who always finds a way to mix things up on the red carpet. "Rihanna's a rock star — she looks pretty much good in anything," Ambrose said. "I predict she's probably going to wear Zac Posen. I don't like when she does the chauffeur, but I like when she does the dominatrix. Men are totally into that."

"I think she should do what she feels she should do," Gunn added. "I really believe that the clothes we wear send a message about how we want to be perceived, and she owns that look in her own way."

Another group of ladies who always leave tongues wagging are the sexy Pussycat Dolls. "Love them — they're always fun girls," Richie Rich said. "I'd love to see them in the same look. I'd like to see them in all-in-one and rocking it where it's super-sexy and super-clean."

He joked, "We should put Nicole in the back for once — just kidding!"

Finally, Tim and company had some advice for the Jonas Brothers, who will make their VMA debut this year. "They look like they came out of a box of crayons," Gunn said.

Ambrose voiced a different opinion: "I think they are the hottest cool retro kids out, and [I like] the way they interpret, like, old men's vintage clothing and make it look hot."

Richie Rich gave the boys his own brand of advice, saying, "I hope they'll just be who they are. They're cute guys. It's a new phenomenon. They should wear Hannah Montana. Well, I don't mean her — I meant T-shirts with her face on them! Jeez! This is a PG show!"

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[This story was originally published on 9.3.08 at 4:35 p.m. ET]