Bristol Palin's Boyfriend, Levi Johnston, To Attend Republican National Convention

Fiance of vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter headed to St. Paul, his mother says.

Levi Johnston, the boyfriend of Governor Sarah Palin's pregnant 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, will reportedly attend the Republican National Convention in St.Paul, Minnesota, according to The Associated Press.

The 18-year-old's mother, Sherry Johnston, said that Levi left Alaska on Tuesday morning to join the Palin family at the convention, where the first-term governor will be speaking Wednesday night (September 3) as the vice-presidential running mate of Senator John McCain.

Johnston admitted that she is nervous about the pressure the media scrutiny will put on her son, as planning to be a teenage father is difficult enough without the whole world watching. She added, however, that the couple had been planning to get married before they discovered Bristol was pregnant. "This is just a bonus," she said.

Johnston confirmed that Levi, a former high school hockey player, is no a longer student, but she wouldn't confirm any more details about her son.

"This is out of my league," Sherry said. "I'm just a country gal, and I want to keep it that way."

Meanwhile, a Palin relative spoke to People magazine about Bristol and Levi. "He's a good guy," the source said. "They'll be good together."

The relative added that the pregnancy had not been a secret to those closest to the couple. "They kind of let everyone know [last May], and word traveled quick," the relative said. "We were surprised, but everyone is positive."

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