DMX Drops F-Bomb In Court But Reaches Plea Deal In Miami Drug Case

Arizona authorities have 15 days to extradite the rapper to face other drug charges.

Despite dropping the F-bomb during his bond hearing on Tuesday, DMX may soon be allowed to leave the Florida jail where he's been held since his August 14 arrest and fly back to Arizona for his next trial.

On Wednesday (August 27), X (real name: Earl Simmons) pleaded guilty to his Florida charges of attempted purchase of cocaine and marijuana and was sentenced to time served and a $483 court fine, lawyer Bradford Cohen told MTV News. Had the case gone to trial, he could have faced six years in prison.

But because X's most recent arrest was for missing a pretrial hearing for an Arizona drug case, he will remain behind bars while Arizona authorities have 15 days to extradite DMX to their state, where he'll post bond and be released. If Arizona officials fail to pick him up within that time, he will be released, Cohen explained.

Prior to the plea deal, Judge Lawrence Schwartz denied the rapper's request for bond on Tuesday. When Schwartz set an October 3 court date for the now-closed case, the rapper curtly replied, "I ain't coming back on f---ing October 3."

While X was being led away, Schwartz scolded him. "Oh, that just ingratiated you to me — I've never heard the F-word before," he said, before turning to Cohen and saying, "You need to tell your client that I've heard the F-word before. ... He can send it to me anytime he wants to come in, if that's what makes him happy, but he certainly didn't help his stature any with what he mumbled as he left the podium."

It was just the latest bizarre court-related outburst from DMX. In June, he freestyled to reporters outside a Phoenix courtroom, after pleading not guilty to two felony theft charges. The rapper is currently facing a string of charges in both Florida and Arizona, including drug possession, animal cruelty, driving without a license and failure to appear in court.