John Legend Debuts Obama-Inspired Song At Democratic National Convention

'If You're Out There' now available as a free download on Barack Obama's site.

John Legend debuted his new politically minded track "If You're Out There" at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Monday night. Legend, who supports Barack Obama and even has a link to the nominee's Web site on his own, mirrors Obama's campaign slogans lyrics such as: "We've been looking for the world to change," and "Tomorrow's starting now." He goes on to say, "No more broken promises, no more call to war/ Unless it's love and peace that we're really fighting for."

The singer discussed the song's meaning in a statement, saying, " 'If You're Out There' reflects the themes of hope and change, responsibility and leadership, and commitment to a better tomorrow expressed in the principles of Barack Obama and the hearts of the American people."

The track, which features the Agape Choir and production by Trevor Horn and Devo Springsteen, will appear on Legend's upcoming album Evolver, due out October 28. However, the song is currently available as a free download on Obama's Web site, or can be purchased from iTunes.

On Friday, Legend premiered the video for the album's first single, "Green Light," on "FNMTV."

"I think it's hard to find a general theme [on the album]," Legend told MTV News recently. "It's a lot of love and relationship songs, as people probably would expect from me. There's not an overarching lyrical theme that goes throughout. It's just a bunch of good songs, I think."

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