'Hills' Couple Heidi And Spencer Duke It Out In New Video Game -- See A Sneak Peek Here!

'Facebreaker' also features Kim Kardashian as a celebrity boxer.

The hottest couple on "The Hills" can now face off in a video game boxing ring.

Spotting a previously unknown overlap between fans of "The Hills" and fans of boxing video games, publisher Electronic Arts is letting a virtual Heidi Montag lace on some gloves and beat up Spencer Pratt. Or vice versa.

The cartoonish, celebrity near-death match is just one possible matchup in "Facebreaker," an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 boxing game that's been designed for laughs. No, it's not a serious boxing game, despite earlier reports that one of the other boxers in the game is none other than . Limbs contort. Faces stretch. And opponents go flying across the ring.

What exactly is going on here?

EA — which was once only known for being the powerhouse studio behind "Madden" and lots of movie games — has been promoting a newfound creative spirit. An original outer-space horror game called "Dead Space" is now an EA flagship title for the fall, as is a near-future first-person parkour game called "Mirror's Edge." But that angle doesn't sell to everyone. And so to the rest of the possible gamers out there, it should be noted that EA is loading its games up with famous and nearly famous people playing themselves. There's Heidi, Spencer and Kim boxing. There's , and 10 other stars competitively canoeing and flying jet planes in EA's Wii-only fall release "Celebrity Sports Showdown."

The "Facebreaker" games have a feature that allows any famous person to face off. Non-famous people can compete too. The games support camera attachments for the Xbox 360 and PS3 that can be used to capture a face and put it on an in-game boxer. So Heidi doesn't have to beat up Spencer. She could beat up ... you.

"Facebreaker" is the first game in the new EA Freestyle line. The Freestyle sports games are supposed to be more fun and less complex to control than standard sports video games. Their development was inspired by the crossover success of the simple and fun "Wii Sports," though "Facebreaker" also clearly draws inspiration from previous cartoonish boxing games such as "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out" and "Ready 2 Rumble."

"Facebreaker" ships for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 3.

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