Miley Cyrus And Mandy Jiroux Take To YouTube Again -- To Say 'Go Green'!

Clip also features Cyrus' new single, 'Wake Up America.'

Miley Cyrus has once again taken her high jinks to YouTube with her pal Mandy Jiroux for the latest edition of their web series, "The Miley and Mandy Show." But this time their comedy comes with a message: Go green.

In the skit, Miley, at her Los Angeles home, urges her fur-loving, aerosol-hairspray-using pal to give up her environmentally unfriendly habits after she hears her on the phone saying, "I need some more of that aerosol can hairspray. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I want some more of those fur coats, but I only want real fur." Miley also reminds her friend that "there's a better life on the other side" (presumably meaning the green side).

The green teen sensation notes that it might not be something that Mandy wants to hear, "especially from someone so young," but that she as well as her fans out there should learn to be better environmentalists.

"Wake Up America," Miley's new single about being good to the environment, is also featured in the video. Miley and Mandy clown around a lot during the song, but the ladies also break in and offer tips on how to lessen their impact on the environment.

"I need to tell you to go green," Cyrus says. "I'm sure our viewers would love to know how to go green."

Some tips she offers are: shopping online to cut down on driving trips (a good tip if, like many of her fans, you're not old enough to drive legally), recycling or re-gifting magazines and books to friends, and reusing plastic bottles a few times before recycling.