Jonas Brothers Mania Takes Over 'TRL' -- 'It's A Really Amazing Time In Our Lives,' Nick Says

Check back on Wednesday for more!

NEW YORK — The Jonas Brothers kicked off Jonas Brothers Fan Week on "TRL" on Monday (August 11), to the deafening delight of the hundreds of fans — mostly teenage girls — who lined up around the block and sat through a torrential morning downpour for a chance to see the guys.

But the fans weren't the only ones who were amped. "We're doing so good and we're just so excited," Nick Jonas said on the show Monday. "Tomorrow the new record releases. It's just a really amazing time in our lives."

"We're so excited we're going to go to Virgin Megastore across the street and wait in line [to buy our new album, A Little Bit Longer]," Joe Jonas chimed in.

Fittingly enough, some of the fans gathered outside were brought up to see the boys tape their appearance live and in-person. "We do anything for our fans and we owe everything we have to them," Kevin said.

The brothers, of course,

are performing at the forthcoming MTV Video Music Awards, and they're also nominated for Best Pop Video, along with Britney Spears and Tokio Hotel. And while they skimped on the details of their performance, Nick did say, "We have some tricks up our sleeve."

"We can't tell what we're performing — but it will be our second single," Kevin teased the audience.

The boys talked a lot more — but to find out what they said, you'll have to wait until their appearance on "TRL" Wednesday, when we'll be rolling out the next segment of this article.

In the meantime, be sure to check out to catch a glimpse of the guys lives out on the road.