Ludacris, T.I. 'Wish You Would' Believe There's No Beef Between Them

Feuding rappers surprise fans by teaming up on track for Luda's upcoming Theater of the Mind.

Forget the feuding, make history, get money. and taught us that secret to success a couple of years ago, and now two of the other biggest names in hip-hop are following in their footsteps. and seem to have kicked their storied rivalry to the side of the road. The two appear on Luda's new record "Wish You Would."

"Surprise, n---a. It was bound to happen sooner or later," 'Cris says, starting the song. "They ain't ready for this," Tip chimes in. The duo speak about people trying to violate them, and why no one can put a dent in their success.

"Yeah, I went green and 26s on the hybrid/ Smoke so much green that I can't open up my eyelids," Luda slings in his first verse. "Wake up in London, go to sleep on Atlanta time/ Still, my paint got more candy than your valentine."

"I'm fly enough to fly away," Tip raps later. "Trouble, I don't shy away/ From it, I annihilate suckas in their driveway/ In church on Sunday morning, praying 'bout what happened Friday."

'Cris and Tip have had very competitive back-and-forth for the past few years, once even appearing on the same song (Young Buck's "Stomp") and dissing each other. Last year, Tip had a well-documented physical altercation with Luda's manager Chaka Zulu during one of the events surrounding the BET Awards. Surprisingly, a few days before T.I. got arrested late last year in Atlanta, he and Luda appeared onstage together in a club, and everything seemed all love. During a recent appearance on MTV Jams' "The Parker Report," Tip told host Erik Parker that he and 'Cris did indeed have a spirited hip-hop joust at times, but that it was no real beef.

While "Wish You Would" caters more to the streets, "What Them Girls Like," another record of Luda's that just came out, is a radio song featuring Chris Brown.

"Also, my man Sean Garrett is on there," 'Cris told MTV News a couple of weeks ago at Comic-Con. "Basically, we're naming everything girls like, in a song. So when you hear it, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't know what girls like, then I'm going to tell you in this song. I'm going to let you know exactly what they like, just give you a couple points. It's going to help you with the entire rest of your life. That's what it's going to help you with for sure."

The second single hasn't been announced as of yet, but Luda said he's still working.

"We're in the works of doing a whole lot of very creative stuff," he added. "The whole album, Theater of the Mind — every song is a movie. That's basically how it comes down. I don't even have 'features' on the album. The first single is not even 'featuring' Chris Brown and Sean Garrett, it's 'co-starring' Chris Brown and Sean Garrett. That's what I have on this album. ... It's all-stars, basically. It's co-starring people because it's a movie. Every song is a movie creatively and conceptually. I think people are definitely going to understand that this is something that was very creatively put together. It took a minute, but every song is very serious."

Theater of the Mind is scheduled for an October 21 release.