T-Pain And Timbaland Team Up For 'Phenomenal' Tracks, Which Timbo Wants To Give Away

Timbaland thinks one of their collaborations would work for Missy Elliott.

T-Pain's schedule is shaping up nicely. He just finished his video to "Can't Believe It" with Lil Wayne, and he and the collaboration king now have a slew of songs in the vault for their duet LP. But first, Pain is releasing his third solo LP in September.

"I got my new album, Thr33 Ringz, dropping this fall," he recently told MTV Base. "I got my artist Tay Dizm, and I've already got his single 'Beam Me Up,' featuring me and Rick Ross. I've also got Young Cash coming out right now, Jay Lyriq — I've got a lot of stuff coming [on my Nappy Boy label]."

And as usual, Pain's plate is filled with a who's who of music. "I'm working with a lot of new people," the Florida native said. "I just worked on Ciara's album. Me and Kanye did it again; we did another hook like two days ago."

T-Pain failed to mention that he and Timbaland just recorded a couple of tracks together as well. But Timbo got us up to speed.

"I got two records [with T-Pain] that are retarded," he told MTV News. "If you would've come to my wedding, you would have heard the records. At my reception, everybody was going crazy. It's this one record we got that's called, 'Talk That.' It's phenomenal! Everybody is like, 'You rapping like that?' I been doing that. It's nothing for me."

Rather than use that particular cut for his or Pain's album, Timbaland said he's going to give it away.

"That record, I won't put on my [LP] 'cause it's so much of a smash," Timbaland went on. "It's so phenomenal, you would be like, 'Well, why wouldn't you put it on your record, if it's so much of a smash?' Because I would give it to my sister. My sister needs that record more than I would need that. My sister, which is Missy. If Missy had that record, she's gone. She's gone!"

There are no release dates on Timbaland's or Missy Elliott's upcoming projects.