Rev Run's Family Pops Up In Bookstores, Kanye West Rhymes -- Is The Big Screen Next?

'I think we can make a funny Chevy Chase-type movie,' says rapper, who co-wrote a parenting guide with his wife.

Every week on "Run's House," shows MTV viewers that he is hip-hop's version of Bill Cosby, teaching his kids the facts of life. Now, the Run-DMC rapper is ready to take his family-values message to the streets: He and wife Justine Simmons co-authored the book "Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America's Parents."

"I think you need to be familiar with your family and know what's going on in their minds," he told MTV News. "An ancient Indian proverb says, 'Listen to the whispers so that you don't have to hear the screams.' You have to be in their presence. I'm a very strong family man. We want people to get in there and be with their families."

Family is definitely something that's important to the reverend. He has six kids — three from a previous marriage and three with Justine. And the Run kids have gotten so famous that they got a shout-out from Kanye West in Young Jeezy's "Put On."

"They're my pride and joy. I love them. I was flattered when Kanye mentioned them in songs," he said. "I'm thankful for the success that God has given us. I deal with my family; you just gotta be there for them and do a lot of prayer. I'm very blessed."

Justine agrees with Run's motto about family time and the importance of staying connected. "Even before our show started, these are things we did. We really get meetings together, and everything you see is really what we did," she said. "It seems like more and more, every day we're doing things to make the family better. You got to bring it all together."

Run also has some big plans for his family, including taking the Simmons troop to Hollywood. "I'd like to perhaps do a movie with my whole family, like a family-vacation-type movie," he added. "There's a lot on the plate right now in terms of family. I think we can make a funny Chevy Chase-type movie."

Right now, though, he's focused on his tour with Kid Rock. And he even hinted that he might record a new album. "I got some things happening with that," he said. "I just talked to my producer, who I worked with on my last album. We gonna put together some stuff in the next week or so when I get some days off the tour."